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Feb 19, 2019 | Crime & Punishment

Kumasi NDC Office Shooting: Prime Suspect Pops Up

By Francis Appiah ||
Kumasi NDC Office Shooting: Prime Suspect Pops Up

A man identified only as Migyima, one of the four suspects believed to be involved in the shooting incident at the Ashanti regional office of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), yesterday has denied his involvement in the act.

He, has therefore, called the bluff of the Ashanti Regional Police Command.

Migyma, is among the four persons alleged to be members of pro-NDC vigilante group "The Hawks", declared wanted by the Ashanti Regional Police Command in connection with the shooting incident that happened at the regional office of the NDC on Monday.

The others suspects according to the Command PRO, ASP Godwin Ahianyo, are Warrior, Damous, and Abu Tariban.

Denying been a member of the “The Hawks”, he also said the deceased, Wassiw Idris, was his nephew and there was no way he could have killed him.

Speaking to Captain Koda, the host Otec FM’s morning shows, ‘Nyansapo”, on Tuesday, he said he went to the party office at Amakom at the invitation of the party Regional Chairman, Nana Akwasi, to explain to them why he has not been active in the party’s programs recently.

Asked whether he will honour the police invitation, he said “I have not committed any crime, it is a false charge, and I believe is an attempt to tarnish my image. I know how I will deal with the invitation because the police should have done a thorough investigation before declaring me ‘wanted’

“I am a member of the party’s Regional Taskforce, but not a member of “The Hawks”, every party member knows. I went to the party office on the invitation of Nana Akwasi and Kwame Zu for not participating in party affairs recently, and nothing else” he said.

He added that “I was with Alhaji and Cynthia on the other side of the party’s precinct when I heard gunshots. I don’t know what necessitated the gunshots and who gave the shots. I am surprised that the police have declared wanted for my involvement because there are witnesses to testify for me.


A gunman identified by eyewitnesses as a member of vigilante group The Hawks, which is affiliated to the NDC, shot at fellow party members during a regional executive meeting in Kumasi, killing one and other severely wounded.

The shooter, according to the eyewitnesses, shot the first victim thrice, first in the thigh, then in the belly and on the back as he fell to the ground.

The deceased has been identified as Wassiw Idris, a 30-year-old scrap dealer and a father of one.

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