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Opinion | Feb 18, 2019

How The Love For Money Is Harming Us

How The Love For Money Is Harming Us

The devil manifests itself in so many ways and one of such is through the love for money. There are basically three things in life that make us see the evil side of the men we so much revere in our societies. These same things are the ones that make us realise the righteousness of men; Money, women and power. I will concentrate on money for now.

Money is not actually the root of all evil. It is man who has made it evil. In this time of immorality, where our core traditional values have been degraded with the advent of technology, young men instead of making the very best out of technology rather become professional thieves. The other time I called someone a thief and I was told to retract it because he has never been caught stealing meanwhile an everyday thief is a saint as compared to him. Each and every one of us should know when and how to become a rich guy though richness is only a gift from the Almighty. In as much as we strive every minute to achieve our aspirations, we should be aware of the fact that life is a game and you must either lose or win. When you try and you are not seeing top it does not mean you are a failure or a disgrace to yourself and family. It makes no sense to be a fake person in other to impress a friend. Contentment with what you have is not only rewarding but also indicates an individual is sailing to the land of freedom of the soul and mind. When a person begins not to appreciate what he has, he devises dubious and unhealthy ways of achieving them.

A parent denies himself the latest designer wear to make his ward have a nice time in school and the son will use the goodies for unproductive stuff. As a young man, you grew up and met an uncle or a brother using his 14th century bicycle and you have been told of the struggles he has gone through in life, yet you want to drive the latest model of cars from Toyota when in fact you do not even have a decent work. The devil will be your partner in your quest to do the impossible. Why won’t young men hold people at gun point and take their belongings? Why won’t people waste productive time at internet café just to lie to a white man that he is an orphan or convince the white man that he is a business tycoon who trade gold when in actual fact he has never seen real gold in his entire life. Hmmm!

The desire for money has turned families against families, parents against children, citizens against governments, congregants against men of God, traditional rulers against their subjects, etc. As for the politician, especially Ghanaian politician and his constituents, it will be better not

to say a word about him. Indeed, they have cause more harm than good and until they understand that serving your people well is a moral responsibility, they will continue to be ambassadors of evil. Many men started with a cedi and are among the rich today not because they killed someone, or did they lied to a white man, or did they consume an orphan’s property, or did they spent peoples trust but that is how far they have been treated by the game of life. There is always an instinct in us that motivates us to do this and that and become rich or richer forgetting that many amongst men have done that but never succeeded. I am not in any way denying the fact

that all humans love money. All that I am saying is that in our quest to become rich, let’s make sure that it does not demonise us. One may inquire why people want to acquire riches at all cost. Some say success, fame, women, etc. success has no correlation with how much money you possess in any circumstance.

Thank you.
Abdul-Kadir Ibrahim. [email protected]

Abdul-Kadir Ibrahim
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