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18.02.2019 Feature Article


Dealing with break-up

You trusted and got hurt. You thought it would be different this time. You gave your heart, your time and money to someone you called a friend and you got trampled on.

You now have a fractured heart and mind to prove how hard you can love. A business partner can break your heart. A lover can break your heart. A parent can break your heart. Even a child can break your heart. But that does not mean we stop loving and trusting.

We love and trust harder for that is the basic human nature. We always yearn for the one relationship that will not hurt us. We desire fellowship with a certain someone. We were created to love and no matter how many times we get hurt many of us will love again. The few who close their souls to love and trust are dead though they walk among us.

None of us enjoys the mess of cleaning up after a heartbreak but we do it nonetheless for it’s our hearts. Our hearts are precious to us and deserve the best of care but who can care for our hearts as we want? The answer lies in God. God the Creator of the heart is the one Person who will never cease to love you. Even if He should take away your precious toy or child you can still be assured that He loves you.

We should seek human love but we should have the greater Love of God. His love will not allow us to be so broken hearted that we will cannot mend. There will always be people and situations that will break your heart but then, we also break other hearts. Pick up the pieces of your heart and pray to heal, then go out and love hard once again.


Juju Brown
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