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Feb 17, 2019 | General News

Those Found Culpable Of Defilement Deserve Life Sentence--Ras Mubarak

By Anokye Elvis ||
Those Found Culpable Of Defilement Deserve Life Sentence--Ras Mubarak

The Member of Parliament (MP), for Kunbungu Constituency of the Northern Region, Hon. Ras Mubarak has proposed life imprisonment, without the possibility of parole as punishment for people who will be found guilty of defilement charges.

He said, defilement cases are becoming too rampant in the country and believe life sentence for culprits will help in eradicating the menace and further serve as a deterrent to people who horrendously abuse children.

“As a parent, I cringe, when I hear such atrocious things done to children. These crimes are becoming too rampant because of the kinds of punishment people get. Defilement is a second-degree felony which can attract punishment between five and twenty-five years. I think it is too light. We should change the laws – so that for defilement, any adult should go in for life imprisonment, without the possibility of parole”. The NDC MP, Ras Mubarak said in an interview monitored by

According to him, causing bodily harm to children is another crime that the courts take seriously.

“It is also a second-degree felony and could attract punishment from five up to 25 years. If stepmothers, guardians, and misfits like John Nsonbila are aware they could be looking at twenty-five years in hard labour, they may think twice about inflicting bodily-harm on children. And for opinion leaders who abet these crimes or stand in the way of punishing these wackadoos, they should be looking at ten years in jail. Until we send a clear signal about our abhorrence of such abnormal behavior, it would continue, it would upset us; we would talk about it for a day or two, and sweep it under the carpet”. He added.

He indicated that our constitution is quite clear in Article Twenty Eight (1), (2), (3) and (4). For emphasis, Article 28 (2) states that “every child has the right to be protected from engaging in work that constitutes a threat to his health, education or development.”

Article 28(3) of the constitution is clear about such behaviour. It reads, “A child shall not be subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

The MP bemoaned over the fact that some political leaders, traditional rulers, Religious bodies and Elders in the society cover unscrupulous people who commit such criminal act and go scot free.

“Muslims, Christians and every concerned citizen should stand up and join hands to fight against this canker and protect the children”. He noted.

Ras Mubarak again called on the Ministry for Gender, Children and Social Protection to intensify public education on the relevant laws and the punishments thereof as a means of protecting the children.

He entreated parents and guardians to pay attention to their children and engage them in order to share their problems with them to avoid being victimized by wackadoo people.

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