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The Mustard Seed Principle

The Mustard Seed Principle
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From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow.
There is no doubt we all want to live a life of abundance, success, happiness and satisfaction. We cannot attain this by merely drifting.

We have to dream big. We need to have a major definite purpose in life.

We need to cultivate certain life changing habits, habits that will take us to our desired destination in life. We have to nurture the qualities that will help us become successful.

Life is much like a journey. You must know where you are and where you want to be.

To embark on the journey, there is the need for preparation. What things will you need for the journey?

You also need to know which road to take or you will end up at a destination you do not want. Once you are able to imagine the type of life you want, you can work towards achieving it.

You will need to constantly improve. This means you must plan how to achieve the kind of life you desire and deserve.

What you must know is that no matter how well crafted a plan may be, it will not serve its purpose unless it is executed with fervor. This will require discipline and commitment on your part.

There are timeless principles for achieving a life of abundance, success and happiness. The mustard seed principle is one of them.

Jesus taught this principle when he said: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and sowed in his field, which indeed is the least of all the seeds; but when it is grown it is greater than the herbs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and nest in its branches.”

Basically the principle says that we should attach seriousness to even the small steps we take because it can actually lead to the big success we envision for our life. You can work on any aspect of your life to improve your situation.

Successful people use goals to get whatever they want. A goal is an objective, a purpose.

A goal is not wishful thinking. It is a goal when it is acted upon.

When you harness the power behind the mustard seed principle, things will begin to change for you. The secret is to know what changes you need to make to improve your overall life.

Do not despise small efforts. Sow as many mustard seeds as you possibly can.

Some seeds will fail to develop or grow. But others will grow and give you a bountiful harvest.

Think through before you act. What investments are you going to undertake to improve your life?

Investments are meant to yield dividends down the road. You must know that every seed has the potential to produce more seeds.

From one seed we can get a forest. One investment can give you many rewards.

God himself used the mustard seed principle. We have over 7 billion people on earth today. It all started with just two people, our first parents Adam and Eve.

Most of the big companies you see around stated small. They started from the scratch and built what was small into a successful business.

The mustard seed principle when correctly applied can give you the good life you have always dreamed about. You need to fully understand the principle and what it entails.

First you must come to the realization that you have to do something about your life to make it better than it is. What ideas do you have? What resources do you have now that you can immediately invest?

Your mustard seed could be the idea, money, skills or something that apparently looks insignificant but which you can put to use. You must dream big but start small.

The man planted the mustard seed because he believed in its potential to grow and possibly multiply. He had faith that what he wants to do will yield the desired results.

Self-doubt and disbelief can virtually paralyze you into inaction. This can result in failure.

When we are optimistic that something good will come out of our efforts, we will be motivated to give it our best shot. We will work with diligence and persistence until we get results.

The mustard seed the man planted was the least of all the seeds then available. In other words, that seed looked insignificant. However that seed had the potential to grow and become a big tree. When it is grown it is greater than all the other plants and birds come to lodge in its branches and leaves.

So many other people benefit from the investments we make. Heard of Aliko Dangote? He is the richest and wealthiest man in Africa.

His companies are not only in Nigeria but in many other African countries. He has a large work force. He started his business from ground zero and built it into a big time successful company.

Today Aliko Dangote does not sleep and think about money. His money is working for him. Is his success magical? He achieved phenomenal success because he applied the mustard seed principle to his life.

The rich do not waste their seed. They invest it to make gains and enjoy life.

If you do what rich and successful people do, you will get the same results they have. Successful people are lifelong learners. They get financial education and use it to gain financial freedom.

They plant mustard seeds and nurture it to maturity. They attend to their investments with wisdom.

They manage their resources with prudence. They know there is a period of waiting between planting and harvesting.

They always plant their mustard seeds but do not go and sleep and hope it would magically produce results. They do whatever is necessary to ensure the viability and growth of their investments or projects. Rich people always defer instant gratification in order to enjoy a future life of bliss and abundance.

Wealth creation is a gradual process. Its acquisition is not a onetime event.

Some people are impatient when it comes to planting and harvesting. Some give up because they do not want to wait for their projects to mature before they start to enjoy life. They want to become billionaires in a short time. As a result some become victims of Ponzi schemes. They lose their investments as they get swindled by people smarter than they are.

The mustard seed principle can be applied to any area of your life including your health, relationships, career, or business.

If you want to become wise, associate with the wise. Listen carefully as you interact with them. Get their counsel. Learn their success habits.

Have positive thoughts towards people. Humble yourself and help others. You will receive help in unexpected ways.

You can improve your health by eating food that is nutritious, visiting the gym to do some exercises, practice yoga and meditation. Investing your time doing such little things can contribute to better health.

There are other qualities you need in your quest for success. Be absolutely honest in all your dealings.

Learn to acquire knowledge and wisdom because these are essential ingredients to success.

Form the habit of being persistent in everything you do. You will succeed if you don’t give up.

Friend do not complain about the difficulties you are going through in life. Know exactly what you want out of life.

Have a plan for its achievement. Get the habit of acting on your goals. Nothing ever happens without action.

Believe in yourself and begin to plant mustard seeds to get to where you want to be in life. You will not become successful without an input from you.

Have faith and be ferociously persistent as you attend to your investments no matter how small they may be. They could become your big success. Above all know that no one drifts to success. It always requires a lot of discipline and great effort to achieve phenomenal results.

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