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Think Positive Toward People

Think Positive Toward People
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I do believe we’re all connected. I do believe in positive energy. I do believe in the power of prayer. I do believe in putting good out into the world. And I believe in taking care of each other.

-Harvey Fierstein
Success is not achieved by magic or luck. If you want to be successful in any field of human endeavor, you must have a goal and a plan for achieving it.

Success is hardly an overnight phenomenon. It is something you work towards, it is a journey from where you are to where you want to be.

On your success journey you will meet with so many people. Whether you get support from these people will depend on your attitude towards them.

Putting out a friendly attitude will win them to your side. They will be more than willing to help you solve any problem you have.

Alternatively, if you look down on people you meet, they will feel you are a proud person and will distance themselves from you. It will be difficult for such people to give you the help you want.

Add this timeless principle to your arsenal for getting to the top: “Success depends on the support of other people.” There is nothing like a self-made man. Everyone who has risen to the top has been helped by other people.

We know from experience that life is like an echo, what you give out comes back to you. Our actions have a boomerang effect.

When you think positive towards people they will think positive towards you. Give them the help they need and they will give you the help you need.

It is only when you get someone to your side that he will support you and accept your leadership. For instance a CEO depends on people to obey his instructions and carry them out to achieve the desired results. A CEO who puts up a hostile attitude towards employees risks losing his position.

Some employees will not obey his orders, besides some very well experienced employees may leave the company. The company may collapse. The CEO must be fired before this could even happen.

Successful people know about the importance of building great relationships. They do everything possible to improve their likability in every situation and most importantly when meeting with people.

The basic rule to follow is this: Make yourself a likable person and people will like you. It is much easier working with people who like us. They will cooperate with us in any situation and will help us solve our problems.

In his book, The Magic Of Thinking Big, Dr. David J. Schwartz wrote: “A person is not pulled up to a higher level job. Rather, he is lifted up. In this day and age nobody has time or patience to pull another up the job ladder, degree by painful degree. The individual is chosen whose record makes him stand higher than the rest.

We are lifted to higher levels by those who know us as likable, personable individuals. Every friend you make lifts you just one notch higher. And being likable makes you lighter to lift.”

There are several ways to take to improve your likability:

Remember names of people you meet. When you call somebody by his name, he will feel important and consider that he is liked by you. A great relationship could be in the offing.

Let your life exude humility and love. People who are humble are also approachable.

We naturally gravitate towards people who are humble and respectful. We are also more than willing to help such people.

Don’t be egotistical. In other words, don’t be a- know- it all person. The more you learn, the more there is to know.

Add value to the lives of people who come into your life. Share your success story and your life experiences with others.

Have an attitude of forgiveness. When you forgive someone who has wronged you, he will willingly forgive when you wrong him. Forgiveness relieves us of stress, a silent killer.

Don’t hesitate to say words of encouragement to the one who has made a breakthrough or achieved worthwhile goals. Express sympathy to someone in sorrow or in disappointment.

Make yourself a likable person at the turn of every opportunity. But don’t try to buy friendship, it’s not for sale.

Give a gift to someone you really like and with sincerity. Your gift may be returned to you or rejected if it is perceived to be nothing but a bribe.

We should always take the initiative in building friendships-leaders always do. Cultivate the habit of getting to know people. Be the first to say “hello” and introduce yourself. Let the person know he is important. This has a two-prong effect: you feel better, the other person feels better too.

Don’t change the pronunciation of someone’s name. Pronounce the name the way you heard it. Let the other party get your name right.

Write down names correctly. Some people do not like wrong spellings of their name. If possible, get their address and phone numbers and make sure they are right.

You have made new friends. But that should not end there. You need to know more about your new friend. Drop him a note, or make a phone call to him.

Learn to say pleasant things to strangers. They will immediately sense the warmth coming from you. This step warms you up and gets you ready for the task ahead.

Be the out-going type. Go out and meet people.
Associate with the right people. Make friends with people who believe in your vision and the beauty of your dreams.

Don’t expect anyone to be exactly like you. We are all unique individuals.

Note another important fact: “No person is all good and no person is all bad. The perfect person just doesn’t exist.”

If you think positive towards a person, he will think positive towards you. Like attracts like.

To elicit positivity from someone, think positive towards that someone. When we put out negativity we receive in turn negativity.

Think positive thoughts towards people. It will pay off in the long run.

You are inspired to practice conversation generosity. Here you encourage your new friend to talk more about himself: his views, his accomplishments, his family, his job, his challenges etc

Conversation generosity helps you in two ways: it will help you make more friends and you will get to know more about other people.

Be courteous as you interact with people. Courtesy wins friends. It endears you to other people.

In a capsule, apply the following principles to fast track success and achievement into your life:

In your everyday life, make yourself a likable person. We tend to like those who show they like us.

Take the initiative in building friendships. Remember names. Make sure the person gets your name right and you get his right too. Drop your new friend a note or call him on his phone.

Don’t expect perfection from anyone. There are individual differences. No one is all good and no one is all bad.

Think positive thoughts towards people and they in turn will have positive thoughts towards you. When you give out positivity, positivity will be drawn into your life. The reverse is true.

We should practice courtesy and conversation generosity to take advantage of the opportunities they offer. It is easy working with people who feel you make them the most important people in your life. Every success depends on the support of other people. When you meet with people, make them your allies and they will help lift you up the success ladder. Think positive towards other people.

Yours in inspiration,
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By Abundant Robert K. AWOLUGUTU

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