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Insecurity: NPP UK Condemns John Mahama For Deceiving Diplomats

Insecurity: NPP UK Condemns John Mahama For Deceiving Diplomats
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Executives of the United Kingdom Branch of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), have descended heavily on former President John Mahama the main opposition party National Democratic Congress (NDC) for deceiving diplomats he hosted recently.

John Mahama assembled the diplomats to express concerns over the current state of insecurity under the Nana Akufo-Addo-led NPP Government.

On top of the former president’s lamentations to the Diplomats was the recent Ayawaso West Wuogon By-election shooting by some national security operatives which marred the elections.

According to the NPP UK in a press statement issued on Friday, ex-President Mahama's actions were unpatriotic.

The group further attacked Mahama for making ridiculous claims about the security situation in Ghana.

The NPP UK said it was unfortunate for the ex-president to connive with his advisory team to show the diplomatic community video evidence of an isolated violence incident at the recent Ayawaso West by-election.

"We believe the actions of ex-President John Mahama is a clear attempt to undermine the Emile Short Commission and further create a sense of insecurity in the country to lure the diplomats in Ghana to judge the country wrongly," the press statement indicated

The NPP UK also stated that the ex-President's advisory team had failed him big time by letting Ghana and Ghanaians down.

The NPP UK also referred the ex-President to his recent outbursts and a declaration of boot-for-boot violence in the 2020 elections.

“Wasn’t he the one who told the whole world that when it comes to violence the NDC are miles ahead of the NPP and proposed to match the NPP boot for boot in the next election 2020 on violence?

Here is the full statement from the NPP UK

The Unpatriotic Ex-President: Mr John Dramani Mahama

We would like to categorically condemn the actions of ex-President Mahama in his latest stunt of assembling diplomats to make a ridiculous claim of insecurity in Ghana.

It’s mind blowing to comprehend that ex-President Mahama and his advisory team actually planned a meeting with diplomatic corps to show them video evidence of the isolated case of violence at the most recent Ayawaso by-election.

On sober reflection it’s difficult not to ask the question, ‘what on earth possessed him to do a thing like that’. Is it to score cheap political points? To undermine the Emile Short’s commission’s inquiry? Or just to create a sense of insecurity in the country to diplomats who are in Ghana to make judgments about our country?

Oh Mahama, your advisers have failed you big time on this one! Was it not the same Mahama who told the whole world that when it comes to violence the NDC are miles ahead of the NPP?

Is he not also the same person who proposed to match the NPP boot for boot in the next elections in Ghana in 2020 on violence? Oh dear, what a fine statesman he is!

On all grounds, Mahama has let Ghana and Ghanaians down big time and Ghanaians must take a cue from this.

The question Ghanaians should be asking themselves is this: What kind of a father or mother would anyone be if they shared the undesirable aspects of their child’s behaviour with visitors?

What kind of a king or a queen would anyone be if they paraded the undesirable aspects of their kingdoms to visitors? What kind of a leader would anyone be if they paraded negative events and incidents at work to visitors and inspectors? And last but not the least what kind of a politician would anyone be if they parade violence to members of the diplomatic corps?

While we let you ponder over what your responses might be we would like to draw your attention to just two reasons why ex-President Mahama, who still receives his benefits as ex-President and a statesman has woefully sold out Ghanaians at a time when Ghana has been in the international news for all the right reasons such as, fastest growing economy, best place to do business, a place to visit and at a time when the President has been working around the clock around the world inviting investors to come and become partners in our development agenda.

First, let’s consider the issue of culture. It is very cultural of Ghanaians not to show their undesirable business at home to visitors? We quickly clean up and tidy up as well as in some cases have a quick shower when we expect an important visitor and if you are lucky enough to own a TV then you chose a gospel channel, well, most would.

Secondly, homo-sapiens were able to outlive other species because they hunted in groups and never sold anyone out? They had a sense of empathy, tenderness, and patriotism that allowed them to evolve as a species. Mr ex-President where is your sense of nationalism and patriotism for mother Ghana?

This assembly of diplomatic corps for such a purpose was not necessary at all. Does Mahama think those diplomats present would be so unpatriotic to show the negatives and undesirables in their own home countries in the way Mahama did? No and never. Why did Mahama not show all the videos of the violence in the by-elections at Atiwa, Telensi and Chaperone during the NDC era if he seriously wanted to make a genuine contribution to the discourse on violence and by-elections in Ghana?

As Ghana develops, it’s imperative that political actors like presidential aspirants and all politicians put Ghana first by demonstrating patriotic and nationalist attitudes else they are not fit for presidential or political office.

We fully condemn violence in all its forms but let’s be honest, what Mahama has done is a disgrace, despicable, pathetic and unworthy of a statesman.

Long live Ghana

God bless our homeland Ghana

Source: NPP UK, Communications Directorate