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14.02.2019 General News

Land Guards On Rampage At Ashongman Ablorh Adjei

By News Desk
Land Guards On Rampage At Ashongman Ablorh Adjei
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The phenomenon of lands guards appears to be rife again in some parts of the capital, the Ashongman Ablorh Adjei community to be precise. Some homes, structures and walls have been destroyed by land guards in the area despite some individuals claiming to be the legitimate owners of the said lands and houses.

Some of the victims who spoke to Citi News also complained about the poor manner in which the police has handled the situation compelling them to provide their alternative security to secure their lands.

Others also mentioned that they do not feel safe any longer as their lives are in danger.

One of the residents, who gave his name as Mr. Charles Tsagli narrated to Citi News’ Nathan Quao how his caretaker informed him that there are bulldozers on his piece of land he legitimately owned after acquiring it at a cost of $300,000

“I have not had any issue with land guards until recently. This land was acquired sometime in 2002 with the titles and everything from the lands commission. We started developing, I have spent over $300,000 to develop this place and make it into an event centre… we hoped to open it in February this year but suddenly it has been brought down to the ground.”

“The police came and arrested a few culprits and sent them to the police station. I went to the Police station today only to find out that the bulldozer has been released and the culprits have also been released without recourse to me… So I don’t know where I stand. The Police have not said anything to me,” he said.

Another person also said “our lives are in danger and for me, at this point, I have employed snipers, not land guards. Anybody who is found on this property will be killed.”

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