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NDC News | Feb 14, 2019

NDC Group Condemns Minister's Errand Boy After Assault Incident

NDC Agona West Communications Bureau || Agona Swedru
NDC Group Condemns Minister's Errand Boy After Assault Incident

It is quite refreshing that some voices of conscience and discerning people who mean well for mother Ghana have condemned in no uncertain terms the heightened levels of insecurity in our motherland and called for desperate, swift and fundamental changes to the partisan political nature of appointments into top security officials to forestall looming dangers; the venerable DCOP Nathan Kofi Boakye, unarguably has by far very bullish about the bitter truth.

But as Ghanaians, we should be more alarmed and jittery because, despite these calls, the NPP as a political party has shown no remorse and has actually decentralized the violence after the NDC NCO, Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi was physically assaulted in the studios of ASEMPA FM and till date, nothing substantial has been done via investigation and or arrest of the said NPP National Youth Organizer, perhaps, they forget about the transient nature of power.

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But we should be more concerned when known NPP officials openly and physically assault co-panellists with wanton disregard for law and order, all in the name of disagreements with dissenting views.

This is dangerous. This is regrettable. This is pathetically shameful and a blight on our democratic credentials.

The Former Agona West Constituency Organizer Mr. Kofi Sei, who happens to be a de facto special aide and close confidant of Minister for Gender, Women, Children and Social Protection cum MP; Mrs Cynthia Morrison, today on a live radio physically assaulted and threatened to beat up a Co-Panelist, Mr Ekow Gyan in a radio discussion on Goldenstar’s Adeakyeabia Morning show this morning, which led to the suspension of the program and subsequent boycott by the NDC.

Mr Ekow Gyan haven made his submission on the recent happenings in Salaga that led to the setting ablaze of the NPP’s office in Salga South Constituency by some irate youth of the violent NPP; the host, Felix Mensah who happens to be a darling boy of the NPP, gave Mr. Ekow Gyan just 30 seconds to rebut the naked and unsubstantiated falsehood peddled by Kofi Sei that the unfortunate incident was perpetrated by citizens of the town and not Party boys as claimed by the NPP Constituency Secretary of Salaga South; Abiola Abdulai Bright. In the cause of Mr. Gyan’s rebuttal of what Kofi Sei said of the NPP rep had earlier said, without any unprovoked attack, physically hit the forehead of Mr. Ekow Gyan which led the host to vacate his seat to quickly intervene in the physical assaults being meted out by Kofi Sei on Ekow Gyan.

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The law can’t make a man love me but it can’t prevent me from being lynched and that’s pretty important.

Our comrade, Ekow Gyan, has since lodged an official complaint with the police in Agona Swedru and we demand proper justice to be served, for posterity sake and to serve as a deterrent.

"If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all" ~Noam Chomsky

It is common knowledge that the track record of the President as being a human right activist is seriously under threat and posterity will judge us all for our stewardship.

There’s uneasy calm in the rank and file of the party within the Constituency and the country at large with party members contemplating lawful reprisal attracts including demonstrations. The leadership of the Agona West NDC is restraining it teeming Members to give the security officials the benefit of the doubt, but as our former President reiterated, we can’t continuously send our people to go out there to defend the party without adequate security guarantees, hence our decision to boycott Golden Star FM indefinitely until further notice in defense of our fragile democracy and free speech, while we explore whatever options available to us to restore hope and confidence in our comrades and communicators in particular.

We will end this by a quote from Osagyefo Dr Nkrumah "Ghanaians are not timid people as it has been suggested in the foreign press. They may be slow to anger and may take time to organize and act. But once they are ready, they strike and strike hard. It pays no one to temper with Ghanaian freedom and dignity".

God bless Agonaman!

God bless Ghana!!

God bless Africa!!!


Abdul-Wahab Africa Zion

Communications officer,

Agona West Constituency

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