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08.12.2005 Disaster

Bishop Warns Of Impending National Disaster

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GENUINE Ghanaian Christians have been called upon to pray and intercede ceaselessly for the nation to avert the wrath of God that was about to be unleashed upon the country.

Speaking to THE SUN at an exclusive interview last week, Bishop Enoch Boateng, Founder and Leader of Arise Ghana Campaign (AGC) said there was disaster and bloodshed hanging over the country and therefore appealed to Ghanaians to arise and call upon the Living God to avert the calamity.

According to Bishop Boateng, God who did not want to share his honour with anybody, was angry with the nation due to unfaithfulness of our political leaders, family heads and some pastors.

According to him, the source of God's wrath was that, many of our family heads, the political leaders and more seriously, some so-called pastors have not been faithful to the Lord.”

“These people claimed they were Christians but still consult oracles for help and on Sunday, attend church to 'worship' the living God.” “This ungrateful behaviour has gone on for years and God who reveals secrets has spoken to us (AGC) that He is going to unleash disaster upon the nation,” he told THE SUN.

According to Bishop Boateng, if Ghanaians refuse to pray to avert the impending national disaster and bloodshed, the following would be the signs of the looming disaster.

“The nation is going to be divided into two factions from the top, thus says the Lord. I will touch the eye of the nation (Ghana) and it will be divided into two factions. There shall be chaos. The two factions shall fight one another, warring factions shall fight one another from its borders to join the war. It shall finally be bloodshed and destruction of the country,” the Bishop foretold ominously.

He said the only solution to the impending national disaster is nation-wide repentance and unceasing prayer for the nation.

“We need a nation-wide repentance from idolatry and corruption and all other malpractices that have provoked the anger of the living God,” he told THE SUN. According to Bishop Boateng, due to the urgency of the message, AGC has taken upon itself to mobilize Ghanaians from all the ten regions to pray and intercede for the nation, to avert any calamity.

“I am appealing to all and sundry to rise and pray to avert the impending national disaster,” he pleaded.

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