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Business & Finance | Feb 13, 2019

Tsifodze Ernest Now As Country Director

Tsifodze Ernest Now As Country Director

Tsifodze Ernest, on 6th February 2019, was appointed as the Country Director (Assistant) for the Youth-Led Organization of International Youth Society.

His immediate response, however, to this news was to recognize the grace of God. He said, ‘some call it luck, but I call it grace.’ The International Youth Society, in her appointment letter, told Mr. Ernest not to hold this position as his number one priority but to serve from this position with dedication, commitment and love.

His new position, effective 7th February 2019, will have him around lots of youths and teenagers. The organization, impressed by his energy, dedication and enthusiasm, is hopeful that their collaboration would bring positive impact in the lives of teenagers.

That's a major responsibility, as stated in the letter. ‘Now as Country Representative, you have a major responsibility to represent your home country in order to bring impact in your community and motivate fellow teenagers.’ They dream of a future filled with many goods works for humanity.

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