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Opinion | Feb 13, 2019

Mahama And His Cohorts Still Harbour The Pain Of Defeat

Mahama And His Cohorts Still Harbour The Pain Of Defeat

  • “The NDC has revolutionary roots. And that when it comes to unleashing violence, nobody can beat us in unleashing of violence” – Former President John Dramani Mahama
  • “Such utter stupidity. NDC is never a violence party. With such comments, does it come as a surprise as to why we lost the 2016 elections miserably? NDC needs a candidate who reasons, offers Ghanaians hope and represents a difference from 2016. With ASK Bagbin as your candidate, you don't need to match anyone boot-for-boot, set the country on fire and kill thousands of Ghanaians before winning 2020 elections” – ASK Bagbin
  • “Boot-for-boot does not win elections, good messages do” – Ekow Spio Garbra.

When one is infatuated with the lust for power, having tasted power before, he easily contracts verbal diarrhoea. In fact, such a person has 'madness' embedded in his or her belly and they speak jazz. Ex-President Mahama is no exception. That is why Mr. Bagbin said that “NDC needs a candidate who reasons”.

How can an ex-President who is supposed to know better and a statesman for that matter be so callous and blood-thirsty? Indeed, how can an ex-president stoop so low and open up his underbelly for the common man in the street to take him to the cleaners like what some Ghanaians are doing to Mr Mahama, the loose talker? Looking at the faces of his docile listeners who continued to clap for him as he spat fire on that day, I wondered if indeed they really understood the implication of his pronouncement. Did they know that the man was inviting them to embark on a suicide mission? They failed to put on their thinking cap as they sat glued to their seats listening to the warmonger.

Mr. Mahama will have nothing, absolutely nothing to lose when the country is on fire. He has helped his brother to acquire a jet sitting on the tarmac at the Kotoka International Airport. He has his Diplomatic Passport and indeed undoubtedly his wife and children too have theirs. Mr. Mahama is rich and has properties in Dubai and other places across the length and breadth of the world. All that he needs to do when there is war in this country is to jump on board his brother's jet with his wife and children and fly away like a dove to enjoy the booty he has accumulated abroad. Those of you who were clapping for him will be left behind to swim with the sharks.

Somebody should tell Mr. Mahama that we don't need him to tell us that the NDC has revolutionary roots. We are all living witnesses to the two revolutions launched by Mr. Rawlings and the bloodbath that followed. We know the atrocities and the mayhem visited on the good people of Ghana by the 64 Battalion also known as commandoes, a private army of Mr. Rawlings. We still remember three former heads of state and some fine top military officers who were tied to the stakes like common criminals and shot in broad daylight.

We still remember the gruesome murder of the three High Court judges and the army officer. Why not, we still remember the 268 missing Ghanaians whose whereabouts are still a mystery.

Yes, we don't need Mr. Mahama to tell us that during the revolutionary days our women were stripped naked and whipped in public. We still remember vividly how some of our respected chiefs were slapped in public by drugged and drunken soldiers all in the name of revolutionary discipline. Who needs Mahama to tell us about the murder of poor people by NDC hoodlums just in front of the Nima Police Station when he was the Vice-President of Ghana? The Agbogloshie gruesome murder of NPP supporters is still fresh on our minds and we don't need any Jupiter to remind us.

We have decided to forgive in order for the nation to move forward but surely we don't need the ex-president who is a beneficiary of the revolutions to remember us of our sordid past. Yes, we may forgive but we will never forget. We only pray to God to forgive Mr. Mahama and his people whose hands are tainted with the blood of poor souls. If Mr. Mahama thinks what happened in those days will be allowed to happen again in this 21st Century, then he is daydreaming and he will wake up naked.

A man who calls himself a Christian is calling for blood to flow and he is not ashamed to tell the world that he and his people can unleash violence. His unfortunate statement has shown that the man is what the Akans call 'otofo'. In the Akan mythology an 'otofo' is an evil man who will not die alone. They say when an 'otofo' is about to fall into a grave, he will put his hands around the necks of many people and go down the grave with all of them. An 'otofo' always refuses to die alone.

Mr. Mahama should be told that today in Ghana, nobody will accompany him on his suicide trip. Those who participated in the two revolutions know very well that at the end of the day it will be like 'monkey dey work and baboon dey chop'.

Whereas a few of them benefited from the two revolutions they actively participated and contributed to the success of the revolutions, majority of these so-called cadres of the revolution are poor and dying. If Mr. Mahama wants to unleash violence, he should go to Bole and bring his kinsmen to do the dirty job.

After all, in Bole, they can boast of men with real muscles who will be ready to die for Mr. Mahama, not my son who is out there searching for the Golden Fleece!!!

By Eric Bawah

Eric Bawah
Eric Bawah, © 2019

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