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10.02.2019 Opinion

Is Afrika Big For Nothing?

By Daniel Mwambonu
Is Afrika Big For Nothing?
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Why is it that we are big for nothing? Why is it that we as African people have failed to use our intellectual faculties to make better use of our natural resources and create everything we need for our happiness and civilizations?

In spite of countless resources Africa is endowed with, our leaders ceaselessly keep flocking into the West and East begging for aid!

Are we Africans cursed that we are ready to exchange gold for a pair of sandals?

Our leaders have given away our natural resources to foreign multinationals owned by western governments in exchange for political favors.

Until when will sons and daughters of mama Afrika continue being bedridden in deep-rooted systematic poverty?

None of our senses have been taken away from us yet we spend most of our time dishonouring ourselves and fighting amongst ourselves!

When will we as African people see the need of coming together as one people one nation and rebuild mama Afrika?

Our unity will make us invisible against our enemies and compel the world to respect us everywhere.

Increased racial discrimination of Africans and people of Negro descent throughout the world is as a result of our poor state of affairs.

We must learn to uphold human dignity for our citizens and love ourselves.

Our culture holds a key to our liberation so let us embrace African culture and values that held together our most prosperous empires in the history of the world.

In this international decade for people of African descent, let us reunite all descendants of Africa into one nation.

Wake up sleeping giant Afrika! By: Daniel Mwambonu A revolutionary Pan Africanist and Human Rights Activist.

Founder of Global Pan Africanism Network.

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