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Opinion | Feb 10, 2019

A Verbal Fight With An Atheist

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He raised several objections to my faith in God, making me remember the words of professor John Lennox of Oxford University: ‘If my faith cannot meet objections and difficulties, it's not worth believing in.’ He wouldn't let me raise any objection to his worldview— whatever his beliefs were.

I should have concluded then that they weren't worth believing in, but I was still answering his questions. That was all I did. He'd often point out my attitude in trying to answer these objections. I remembered raising my voice at him and using inappropriate words on him.

Surprisingly, he noticed each one of them.
This reminds me of a God-debate between Christopher Hitchens (an atheist) and Dinesh D’Souza (a Christian).

In that debate, Christopher moved the audience to see the manner in which Dinesh keeps answering his questions; he said he was being unfriendly towards him.

This was an atheist pointing out to a defender of the Christian Faith the character he keeps displaying to defend his Christian beliefs! But let, for instance, Dinesh try pointing it out to him that he has no basis for objective good and see what happens.

The Christian defender not only have to respond to objections but also portray a character that points one to the person of Jesus Christ in the process.

I was so touched when in a conversation between John Lennox (a Christian) and Michael Ruse (an atheist), John Lennox extended a hand to him. That act alone could bring the gospel to someone.

Elikplim Sabblah, one of the fine Christian Apologists we have in Ghana, told me after he read one of my articles about the importance of touch, even in Jesus’ ministry. Perhaps all what that guy (the one raising objections to my faith) needed was a touch, not a verbal fight.

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