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Feb 9, 2019 | General News

Late JB Danquah Wife Accuses CID Man of Forcing Marriage Proposals On Her

Late JB Danquah Wife Accuses CID Man of Forcing Marriage Proposals On Her

Ivy Heward Mills, the wife of murdered Member of Parliament (MP), JB-Danquah Adu has accused the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service of sexual harassment.

She made this shocking revelation in a post on her Facebook page alleging that an officer asked her if she wears waist beads, a question she felt was completely unrelated to the subject of the investigations.

To top it all, she said one officer, who is married had the audacity to call her on phone and tried to convince her to marry him.

“I have been summoned to the Police HQ on countless occasions and subjected to what I would casually describe as 'the act of scrubbing a fresh wound with Himalayan rock salt' and topped up with a million and one questions including, to my shock, a very gleeful. “so madam do you wear waist beads?” in a meeting room populated by a men only CID team who perhaps thought it was their birthright to get familiar with what’s in every woman’s underwear!”

“And if you think that’s inappropriate, try that Sunday morning when one of those men; a man at the helm of investigating my husband’s murder, thought it sensible to muster the sheer unadorned temerity, call me and tell me how beautiful/sexy he thinks I am and give me reasons why I must marry him; an already married man. Yes, he had the audacity… and this was the head of a certain significant unit at the CID… and I’m supposed to trust that they did a great job? May God forgive him,” her post said.

Ivy Mills also bemoaned how the Police service has delayed in ensuring justice is meted out to those connected to her husband's killing.

She made reference to the assassination of a British politician, Jo Cox, whose killer was convicted and jailed within five months after his assassination.

"It took five months for Jo Cox's assailant to be apprehended, prosecuted and convicted. three years ago, the Ghanaian police assured me they will apprehend the murderer ASAP. Within three days, they had done just that and given me hope for justice. Thirty-six months later (three bad years and over seven times the number of months the UK took to resolve the case of Jo Cox's murder), we are still watching 'comedies', previews and the 'cine' (movie/show) is yet to start.

The former Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North constituency, Joseph Boakye Danquah Adu was assassinated in his home three years ago.

We are yet to witness justice meted out to the killers involved in his murder.

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