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Opinion | Feb 8, 2019

From My Heart To Tamale North

By Kyei Marfo Emmanuel
From My Heart To Tamale North

Growing up, I had an undaunted desire to be a journalist after being exposed to the radio and newspapers virtually every day. However, situations have made me a nurse.

Despite the fact that I’ve not aborted that desire completely, my interest is slowly but surely diminishing as the day goes by. Not only has the horrendous killing of Ahmed Hussein-Suale, an investigative journalist who helped expose corruption in African football shaken the footings of my desire, but the behaviour of certain journalists such as Alhasan Suhuyini-MP for Tamale North have made me believe that journalism is not as esteemed as I thought.

Suhuyini, a trained teacher who has refused to be ‘trained’, with a Master’s degree in Development Management but has since not developed, and even his presence at the Next Generation of Leaders from Africa program in South Korea couldn’t help him to be the leader you wanted him to be.

As an occupant of an illustrious seat in the parliament of Ghana-which is not supposed to be filled with weak minds like his, he has misrepresented you in so many ways; bringing you to the fore for only embarrassing reasons. As a winner of Talk Show Host for three times running from 2011 to 2013, your objectivity should be your trademark. However, he’s taken the mandate you’ve given him as a means to compete for loudness as he screams from the rooftops with an empty hollow voice which he thinks is tantamount to evidence.

In a house where Suhuyini is obliged to speak on behalf of his people, he decided to seal his mouth with plasters during a presentation on the State Of The Nation in 2018.

He, however, had the guts to ask a TV presenter to show him her pants in a live TV broadcast. Does that serve your interest in any way?

As a former journalist, whom I know is very conversant with the Millennium Development Goals, I didn’t expect him to engage in the “Bloody Widow’’ holler in parliament let alone to substantiate at full volume why the minority had to do so.

Respected constituents of Tamale North, please call him to order.

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