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Opinion | Feb 7, 2019

Hypocritical Elders And A Facade Committee Of Enquiry

By Ofori Emmanuel

Ghana has missed a perfect opportunity to deal with political vigilante/ thuggery. The recent Ayawaso West Wougon incident was the most appropriate time to have had a national discourse to disband all vigilantes but no, we have dived into figure pointing and victimizing one side which had landed us with a committee whose report will be shelved.

Political vigilante didn’t start with Ayawaso. Talensi, Atiwa were worst. You remember Anita Disoso driving over human beings like a tarred road. The destruction caused by Collins Duada’s brother is still fresh with many in the Brong Ahafo region. Someone lost his eyes through an acid bath in Sunyani. And who says Sam George is more human than Gabby Okyere Darko and Ursula Owusu. In fact, the current President was a victim few days into 2016 elections when the stone was flying at his residence by NDC tugs in the full glare of the police.

We call Ayawaso incidence barbaric but it is a microcosm of what happened in Talensi. People died as a result of political vigilante over the years so instead of hypocritically making a villain and victim of Awayaso let’s call to an end to this vigilante nonsense from both sides.

The reason no missile was fired during the Cold War was the fear of both Soviet and USA of the destructive capacity of nukes on both sides. As long as there is a treat of vandalism by both political parties they will arm themselves.

Let’s face it, the incidence at Ayawaso was a crash of 2 vigilante group the difference was that one was clad in police uniforms under the protection of govt. And the committee will not come out with any disparate results. Some of the victims were clearly bused from the north to the candidate’s house. They were not election agents so what exactly was their role there? Our elders, civil society and opinion groups should stop being hypocrites and call on both sides to disband.

The President, Nana Addo will not and cannot discipline anyone involved in this inhumane act. It will amount to political suicide. There are victims from his political party from the past incidence who are still nursing their wounds and the President cannot ask them to go to hell.

So instead of waiting for some strange results from the committee, let’s call for a total disband and move forward.Adios.

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