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Feb 7, 2019 | Press Release

OccupyGhana Endorses Inquiry Into Ayawaso West Wuogon Electoral Disturbances

By OccupyGhana
OccupyGhana Endorses Inquiry Into Ayawaso West Wuogon Electoral Disturbances

OccupyGhana® has seen the statement issued by the Presidency yesterday, 6th February 2019, establishing an Inquiry into the Ayawaso West Wuogon electoral disturbances, literally moments after we issued our letter to the Minister for National Security on the same issue.

We have closely considered the Inquiry’s terms of reference. Much more importantly we have noted with satisfaction the calibre of the persons who have accepted to serve on the Inquiry. We are impressed by the reputation of the chairperson and members of, and the secretary to, the Inquiry.

Although we would have preferred the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry under Chapter 23 of the Constitution, we believe that this Inquiry has the potential to find answers to the questions that we posed in our letter of yesterday, 6thFebruary 2019, to the Minster of National Security, and probably quicker than any court proceedings would take.

We fully expect that the Inquiry will address the following questions that we raised in our letter:

i. The legal bases upon which the armed force of the National Security Council was assembled, maintained and deployed, if any;

ii. The circumstances under which the Ghana Police Service facilitated the acts of that force by supplying vehicles or other logistics for the operations of that day;

iii. The reason and necessity for maintaining the said force outside the legally and constitutionally recognised services established by law;

iv. The procedure for recruiting persons into the said force; and

v. The financial provision made for maintaining the force.

It is in expectation of a full disclosure on these and all other matters that we endorse the Inquiry and its members. We anxiously await their report and will be watching to see the implementation of measures that we hope will reduce drastically, if not totally eliminate the scourge of electoral violence that has plagued this country for several years.

We wish the Inquiry well. Ghanaians are watching.


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