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Opinion | Feb 7, 2019

Why President Akufo-Addo Must Rein In The Bernard Antwi-Bosiakos  And Kennedy Adjapongs 

Why President Akufo-Addo Must Rein In The Bernard Antwi-Bosiakos  And Kennedy Adjapongs 

If we are to prosper as a people, our homeland Ghana must have a tough-minded leader, who has the strength of character needed to discipline those he appoints to help him govern the nation.

It is for that reason that many independent-minded Ghanaians back President Akufo-Addo 100%. The paradox, is that some of those selfsame Ghanaians - including me - also loathe the president's party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), passionately, for patriotic reasons.

That loathing for the NPP, results directly from the fact that the party and its antecedents have a history of embracing vile tribal-supremacists, whom not many decent people would ordinarily associate with - because of their addiction to the use of violence, both verbal and physical, as political weaponry.

For such patriotic Ghanaians, it is heart-wrenching that a political party with so many decent people in its membership, also has uncouth and ever-boastful characters, such as the Bernard Antwi-Bosiakos and Kennedy Adjapongs, wielding great influence over it - yet it is a party that never tires of telling the world that it is anchored on the twin-bedrocks of the rule of law and individual liberty.

If President Akufo-Addo does not rein them in, and discipline them, then, as sure as day follows night, in the final analysis, it will be their egregious actions, and unpardonable inactions, which will prevent him from having a legacy as a great president. Definitely. Hmmm, Oman Ghana, eyeasem o: asem kesie ebeba debi ankasa.

Kofi Thompson
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