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Opinion | Feb 7, 2019

Good For Adopting The Amputee Boy

Good For Adopting The Amputee Boy

The news about the 5yr old boy whose hand got amputated is sad indeed. Many are those who did not know why his step mum inflicted cutlass wound on the child.. It meant that he was to grow up as a handicapped person without a chance of getting educated.

However the boy had a good Samaritan in non but the minister of gender Mrs Cynthia Morison who proved equal to her role as a minister charged with caring for the less privileged persons in Ghana. She paid a visit to the boy in a hospital where he was receiving treatment .

As a mother she expressed sadness but gave the assurance that she would adopt and take care of him to be able get educated till he becomes a medical professional that he wants to be.. The lady who caused harm to this child has been arraigned before the law court where she was remanded into custody..

It is the popular desire by many people that she would be dealt with to serve as a deterrent to women who cause harm to children under their care..While we commend the minister of gender for her kind gesture the government through the ministry of gender should undertake a survey to find out how children are treated in various homes in all parts of Ghana.

All who are found treating their children especially step children very well must be rewarded in special annual award days. That would serve as a means of encouraging them to give good treatment to their children under their care. On the other hand all those who maltreat children should be counselled and advised against it and to some extend be warned to desist from the act.

The step taken by the minister for gender is commendable. Women of substance should follow her footsteps to adopt and give support to children who are not in a position to go through life due to their less privileged conditions.

Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai
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