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NPP Gov’t Replacing Campaign Promises – We Told You So

NPP Govt Replacing Campaign Promises – We Told You So

During his campaign in Ayawasu West Wuogon by-election on 29 January 2019, President AkufoAddo proudly shewed a paper in hands which he claimed to have contained 41 Promises they had fulfilled after assuming since 7 January 2016. Remember, they made lots of promises, and the major ones were: Free SHS, One-District-One-Factory, the Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Programme (IPEP) which they promised every constituency an equivalent of $1 Million annually, One-Village-One-Dam, and restoration of nurses and teachers allowance. Two years down the lane, no district has received a pesewa out of the annually promised “One-District-$1million”. Among numerous promises which poor voters bought into, only a few have been tackles, and even with poor remedies. A US comedian Groucho Marx said “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.” It is exactly what President Nana Akufo-Addo and his Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia are taken Ghanaians for granted. Unable to fulfill those promises, they have schemed a plan to replace the Promises with anything they lay hands on. They are even going around rephrasing their Promises. They are aware Ghanaians have short memories and won’t bother to refer to their campaign promises.

About half of the 41 Claimed-Fulfilled Promises were/are not even in their manifestoes. Even if they were/are, putting them under scrutiny, it comes to light that, they are economical with the truth and voters should not take them serious. It remains me of what Dr. Kwegyir Aggrey said, “I was so popular that if I wore my hat over my right brow all the young men wore theirs in the same way. I did not know then that I knew nothing. From the Gold Coast I went to America, where I obtained two doctorates. Then I knew that I knew nothing”. NPP followers are so blind that they believe anything Dr. Bawumia roams down their throat, and it rather unfortunate. Even some of our intellectuals are acting as if they can’t read, just because of their stomach.


1. We promised Free SHS to reduce the hardship on parents, and we have delivered. Free SHS is now expensive than previous. No classrooms & boards: result is Double-Track system. Burden on parents , brought extra costs for vacation classes. Poor planning

2. We promised to restore teacher training allowances to reduce the hardship on teacher trainees, and we have delivered.

This money could build schools or create jobs.

3. We promised to restore nursing training allowances to reduce the hardship on nursing trainees, and we have delivered.

Senseless: What's the sense of producing nurses when 1000s are sitting home without posting?

Unnecessary waste of cash can build hospitals to employ nurses.

4. We promised to establish a Zongo Development Fund, and we have delivered.

Segregation: Zongo people are not aliens in Ghana. The hardship in Ghana is everywhere, no tribe or group is better off. A better economic development will make everyone better

5. We promised a renewed focus on agriculture through the Planting For Food and Jobs program, and we have delivered. Lets see if sustainable

promised to issue National ID Cards, and we are delivering. .We6

National ID was initiated in 1973, again in1987 and finalized in 1991. In 2001 JA Kufour revisited and by 2008, cards were issued. NDC continued and NPP taken over

7. We promised to implement a National Property Digital Address System, and we have delivered.

Not in NPP Manifesto: Thanks to Google, Digital Address is free and exists almost every part of the world. NPP rather let Ghanaians pay for what is already free. Just create and loot, "job for the boys" , no benefit.

8. We promised to digitise the clearance of goods at the ports through paperless ports, and we have delivered.

Not in NPP Manifesto: However, importers are worse off: Increased import duties, shooting prices up, and damaged import businesses.

9. We promised to establish three Development Authorities (Northern, Middle Belt and Coastal) and we have delivered.

Tell us the outcome and benefits

10. We promised a One District One Factory program, and we are delivering.

President Akufo-Addo going round to commission already existing companies. NPP can’t name one product produced under 1D1F.

11. We promised a One Village One Dam program, and we are delivering.

Really? Ghana has estimated 3500 villages. Pls list villages with dams

12. We promised a One District One Warehouse program, and we are delivering.

Not in NPP Manifesto: What are you producing to store? GCMB has 1000s of Warehouses across the country and they are empty. So what is the need, Mr. President?

13. We promised to implement a Nation Builders Corps program to reduce the hardships on the graduate unemployed, and we have delivered

Not in NPP Manifesto: Let’s hope to see what comes out

14. We promised to implement a National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program to provide

support and reduce hardships of entrepreneurs, and we have delivered

Businesses are collapsing, so I am not sure Ghanaians have seen anything.

15. We promised to rehabilitate VALCO to resume operations, and we have delivered.

Not in NPP Manifesto: Valco was shut down by NPP-Gov't in 2007 and NDC re-opened it in January 2011. Mahama promised to make it one of the biggest smelters in the world.

16. We promised to leverage our natural resources to obtain a $2 billion innovative infrastructure financing arrangement with Sinohydro, and we have delivered.

Gov't says the deal was a Barter. They'll build Smelting Plants at Kibi and Nyinahin, but nothing is there. Gone for $600 mn loan and using $150 mn to serve the loan

17. We promised to establish integrated bauxite and aluminium industry, and we are delivering Nowhere on the surface of Ghana can we see these industries. No in Sefwi Awaso, not in Kibi, and not in Nyinahin

18. We promised to implement mobile money interoperability, and we have delivered.

Bawumia launched and is now their promise 19. We promised to reduce electricity prices, and we have delivered. Dr., mobile money and they developed MMI. ezwichNot in NPP Manifesto: GhIPSS was set up in 2007, with the help of BOG they developed

John Mahama fought so hard to bring Dumsor down and you are playing politics with it.

20. We promised to reduce the hardship in obtaining a drivers license, and we have delivered.

Every regime come and do it's best, nothing spectacle about this.

21. We promised to reduce the hardship in obtaining a passport, and we have delivered Not in NPP Manifesto: Then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms Hannah Tetteh, launched online passport application service in 2016. Application during is unchanged.

22. We promised to reduce the hardships in renewing the national health insurance, and we have delivered.

Mention the so-called changes

23. We promised to establish an Office of the Special Prosecutor on Corruption, and we have delivered.

Good: It’s white elephant now. We expect he starts prosecuting NPP corrupt officials 24. We promised to revive Ghana’s railways, and we are on course. Good: 25. We promised a transparent allocation of Ghana’s oil blocs, and we have delivered. Where?

26. We promised to reverse the trend of declining economic growth, and we have delivered. Wow: it has not reflected in average Ghanaian pocket. People are suffering and the President has himself admitted.

27. We promised to restore discipline in the management of our public finances, and we have delivered with lower fiscal deficits.

Increased Debt: Ghana debt has gone up within 2 years. So-called fiscal discipline doesn't reflect in the economy

Responsibility Act, and we have delivered. fiscal28. We promised to pass a

Yes: white elephant

29. We promised to establish a Fiscal Council, and we have delivered. What is the benefit to a poor man?

30. We promised to Establish a Financial Stability Council, and we have delivered Does all these provide food, money for people?

31. We promised to reduce inflation to single digits, and we have delivered.

Inflation was high, 18%, when NDC took over. They left when it was below 15%. Everyone is doing her best

32. We promised to reduce interest rates, and we are delivering.

Good, but it has not trickle-down economics. Banks are collapsing and cannot borrow people and businesses

33. We promised to keep our exchange rate relatively stable even in the midst of global volatilities, and we have delivered.

Under NDC US$1=Ghc4.20, now is US$1=Ghc4.95; under NDC £1= Ghc5.5, now £1=Ghc6.66; under NDC €1=4.8, and now €1=Ghc5.66. PROMISE TO KILL BUSINESSES?

34. We promised to reverse Ghana’s trade position with the rest of the world from deficit to surplus, and we have delivered. Hahahahha.

35. We promised to reduce taxes, and we reduced and abolished 17 different taxes in two years. We have delivered.

It doesn't trickle-down economics. It has not resulted to creation of jobs from private sector.

36. We promised to revive the NHIS, and we have cleared the GHC1.2 billion arrears inherited under the NHIS. The NHIS is working again. We have delivered.

Government is continuum, one regime starts and another continue. NHIS has gone through many phases and don't think is anything to write home about

37. We promised to move away from a predominance of sole sourcing to tendering in procurement, and we have delivered.

Minister of Finance issued 7- & 15-year bonds to his partner company, conflict of interest. How many tenders has appeared in public newspaper? Is this a promise?

activities to more regulated small-scale mining activities, and we have delivered. galamsey38. We promised to bring about a change from destructive

Lies: NPP promised continuation of galamsey and now they continue to deceive them. Can this be a promise?

39. We promised to reduce the hardships of the disabled and increase the share of the DACF to persons with disabilities by 50%. We have delivered.

Hahahahaha: Cripples are abundant on our streets, nothing has been down to support them.

40.We promised to double the Capitation Grant, and we have delivered.

As a result, banks have collapsed and now borrowing to save them at expense of Ghanaians who some can’t still get their savings. People are crying now

41. We promised to create six new regions, and we have delivered.

A good infrastructure won't need creation of new regions. 6 new regions will need 6 more regional ministers and deputies. Building of regional administration and facilities. At whose cost?

Deputing NPP 41 Promises they claimed to have fulfilled. We must be real my fellow Ghanaians. Long Live Ghana!!

“in opposition you blame party in power for doing nothing. In power, you try convincing others you’ve done better, when indeed you’ve done nothing measurable”


Lewis Kwame Addo Amsterdam [email protected]