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06.02.2019 Feature Article

I Don't Believe In A God Whose Miracles Only Exist In A Book— Nana Tornado

Photo Credit: Prime News Ghana
LISTEN FEB 6, 2019
Photo Credit: Prime News Ghana

'I don't believe in a God whose miracles only exist in a book,' Nana Tornado said on the Breakfast Eve, Tv Africa.

In fact, if that's the only place his miracles exist, then Nana Tornado can have a good reason to disbelieve in him. But, in his interview with Tv Africa, he makes belief in a creator of the universe possible, something the Bible holds true of the God he doesn't want to believe in.

This book, the Bible, is not the only place we find the possibility of a creator God; It is written large in the cosmos.

Modern science keeps pointing us to an intelligent mind behind the universe. Each time it points us there, Professor John Lennox of Oxford University quotes the opening lines of the Hebrew Bible: ‘In the beginning God.’ He continues to remind us that, it is on that very principle that all of life rests. Nana Tornado thinks that he has removed it by telling us that God's miracles only exist in a book

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