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05.02.2019 Feature Article

Let Us Patronise The Initial Rail Shuttle

Let Us Patronise The Initial Rail Shuttle

Driving to and fro kilometers in Accra just to come to terms of the reality of the refurbishment of the Accra-Tema railway line which was closed for some months following a derailment at the Avenor portion of the line. I see the reopening of the Accra-Tema railway line as a sign of greater things to come regarding the pledge made by the government; I mean NPP government to completely revive the country’s rail sector.

However, in an interview with my colleagues in my Toyota tundra car with the registration number Eddie f about the patronage of Accra-Tema rail shuttle. This is what they said in a summery to buttress the refurbishment of the Accra-Tema railway line. It is a good development because it is faster and cheaper means of transport, compared to road transport, it will also decongest traffic on our roads and in essence fast-track development for the betterment of this nation”.

Moreover, Ghanaians can’t wait to see the Accra-Tema shuttle service begin to ease the stress that workers have to go through each morning to work and evening after work as well. Indeed, I laud the government for keeping faith with the people by working around the clock to ensure that rail transport competes favorably with others forms of transport in the country. Rail transport is the panacea to development, as seen in the major economies of the world which depend heavily on it for passenger transport and freight.

Consequently, the railway sector has the capacity to transform Ghana’s economy but that will only happen if we keep the pace, committed and cooperate with the government. This suggests that if only the country improves on its current railway network and extends it to all regions, according to the master plan, Ghana’s economy will certainly be boosted.

Besides, there are already hiccups being experienced by the Ghana railway company limited due to heavy encroachment along some lines which must be dealt with expeditiously. I urge all encroachers to kindly vacate the buffer zones along the tracks, so that work can progress steadily without any encumbrances.

Edward Frimpong
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