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03.12.2005 Tabloid News

Groom fails to turn up at wedding ceremony

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There was drama at the Aggrey Chapel at the Achimota School in Accra on Friday where a scheduled holy matrimony between one Eric Attipoe and her already engaged partner never was.

The wedding never took place after virtually three hours of waiting.

This was because the groom was nowhere to be found at a time when everybody was seated for the ceremony.

Having waited patiently for that long the officiating minister had to come and announced to the gathering that due to some unforeseen circumstances the programme could not go on.

So what happened and how is the bride faring after the incident. Nasta is a close pal of the bride who never was.

She told JOY NEWS that they were really taken aback by the behaviour of the groom.

“We were supposed to have the wedding at Achimota school chapel at 11 am. So most of us who were in the protocol team got there in good time and people had started arriving.

Then it was 12 and we felt that most wedding people get a little bit late, usually the bride and then we expected that the groom will come in at 12 noon and then maybe the bride will come in a few minutes after 12.

So when it was 12 we called up the best man to ask them whether they were on route because the groom lives at New Achimota, which is not far from the wedding premises.

The best man said he hasn't seen the groom yet because the bride's brother in law dropped him at the church premises as early as 7 am with the groom's suit.

And we were in the church and he wasn't coming and we waited and waited and waited and he never appeared. And his relatives were there and they had to let the priest announce that there is some sort of a problem which we all cannot explain because we don't know where he is,” she said.

Asked about how the bride was feeling, Nasta said her friend is actually having a party in her house.

“ She is pretty and a practical young woman. She is fine; I mean these things happen in life. If a disappointment comes today, you will have a better chance to make it better the next time.

She is fine, she has encouraged most of us to come to the house, so the house is actually full, we are having fun, its just that we can't cut the cake. And people even started having their reception at the church premises, I was even surprised,” She said.

Meanwhile JOY NEWS sources say the groom's failure to turn up for the ceremony is due to many reasons including having two kids already with a lady and could not stand a supposed attack by the said lady and her friends.

The source say Eric Attipoe was at the engagement and at the last rehearsals for the wedding on Thursday and indeed helped to arranged the place for the programme scheduled for Friday.

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