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02.12.2005 General News

Kennedy Agyapong fires warning shots ....

By The Sun
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. Urges delegates to vote for courageous people

"WE MUST be guided against any tendency that would pave way for NDC to come back to power in 2008. This is because any come back by the NDC would spill the doom for the nation", Honourable Member of Parliament for Assin North, Mr. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, has said. He has therefore warned the NPP national delegates against voting for cowards come the impending National Delegates Congress.

Speaking on Peace FM last Thursday over allegations and newspaper publication about some pronouncements by the National Chairman of the party, Mr. Haruna Esseku, the outspoken MP said it would be unpardonable mistake for the national delegates to vote for candidates who could not stand on their own feet to face the challenges ahead in 2008 elections.

"We must vote for someone who respect authority but not the person who fear the authority", he said. According to Agyepong a.k.a. Akumpreko, NDC was just waiting at the corner to come back to power and if the delegates make any blunder by choosing weak leaders then the opposition NDC would capitalize on it to stage a comeback to power to cost havoc in the country.

"I am going to talk to the delegates in my constituency not to allow anybody to deceive them to vote for any candidate who cannot stand the task ahead", he said.

Hon Agyepong said the 2008 elections was crucial and therefore those who could not push the party agenda to consolidate the power should not be entertained or given any chance to occupy any position in the party to waste the people's time.

According to the MP it was time the party was made to remain at the party headquarters and nothing else. He expressed grave concerned about the attitude of some candidates who were moving heaven and earth soiling the name of their fellow contestants for party positions.

"It is very sad that because of power some people were going round insulting and attacking their fellow party members just to bring them down and rode on to power", he said.

"The bickering and the insults are just too much you cannot insult people because of position and after the elections ask them to reconcile with you. What a reconciliation, I would not tolerate such a thing, you cannot insult me in the name of position or power and turn round to ask for reconciliation." he said.

He therefore charged all those who were seeking positions in the party to conduct their campaign in decency and desist from 'pull him down'politics. The MP also expressed dissatisfaction about the ¢10 billion allocated in the budget to the Ministry for Private Sector Development.

"What is ¢10 billion, we are just joking and dancing around the issue," he said.

He said there was general believe that the private sector was the engine for growth for the nation, it was therefore a big mockery to the nation that only ¢10 billion was allocated in the budget to the Private Sector Ministry.

According to Assin North MP private entrepreneurs needed to be empowered by the government, but looking at the budgetary allocation of the Private Sector Ministry there was nothing good to write home about. He was also dissatisfied about the general attitude of Ghanaians to work and called for a change.

He said if Ghanaians did not change their attitude towards the local business no serious businessman would be willing to invest his resources for workers to sabotage him.

"People take a lot of things for granted in this country and that is one problem that we have to fight against.

"If you established a company here and you are not careful these people would gang up to collapse it," he said.