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Opinion | Jan 31, 2019

International Precedents Demand that Anas Aremeyaw Anas be Investigated for Possible Suspect in the Murder of Ahmed

International Precedents Demand that Anas Aremeyaw Anas be Investigated for Possible Suspect in the Murder of Ahmed

The ace Ghanaian undercover investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas has recently had one of his work colleagues of his Tiger Eye PI, Ahmed Hussein-Suale, murdered in cold blood. I am not here today to discuss whether or not their methodology of likely entrapment, blackmailing and whatnot to flushing out corrupt officials and persons of interest is legal or illegal. I had already published my views on their method when it became an acrimonious issue in Ghana following the premiering of Anas’ number 12 on corruption within the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and the counter premiering of "Who watches the watchman" by Kennedy Agyapong (Hon).

However, I am going to share a view, citing precedents that had occurred outside Ghana, coupled with Anas’ behaviour immediately after the assassination of Ahmed, to suggest to the Ghana police to thoroughly investigate him as a suspect or a person of great interest in their investigations being conducted into catching whoever killed Ahmed. Anas is on record to have put on Facebook or the social media a video clip purporting to accuse Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) of Ahmed’s murder. He claimed Kennedy had not only exposed the true identity of Ahmed by showing his facial picture without their usual protective beaded-facial mask but also, had asked his (Kennedy’s) radio/TV studio workers to beat Ahmed up should he ever step in the studio or the premises of the station. It is alleged that Kennedy had promised to pay whoever beats Ahmed up should he ever venture into his (Kennedy’s) TV/radio studio premises.

Be that as it may, does it conclusively amount to Kennedy abetting in Ahmed’s gruesome murder as it is erroneously being propagated by some Ghanaian lawyers? One Mr Kissi Amoabeng, a legal practitioner who doubles as a Criminal Law lecturer at the University of Ghana and often the lawyer of Anas, is using "abetting" to implicate Kennedy in the killing of Ahmed. A few lawyers are also expressing similar views. Nonetheless, a layman in the legal profession as I am, I would like to punch holes into their legal knowhow to prove their argument as not only rushed but also, irrelevant and diversionary.

To the knowledgeable lawyers, their agents and assigns, could you please answer the following questions for me?

Did Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) ask his workers or Ghanaians to beat up Ahmed wherever and whenever they meet him?

Did Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) precise that any of his workers who finds Ahmed in his (Kennedy’s) TV/radio station premises should beat him up and he, Kennedy, will pay such a person?

If he did ask Ahmed to be beaten up if he showed up in his (Kennedy’s) TV/radio station premises, did Ahmed ever go there and got beaten up, requested to walk off or threatened anyhow?

Is there a difference between beat and kill? If yes, what is it? If no, why not?

Did Kennedy ask whoever was capable, to kill Ahmed if they saw him either in his TV/radio station premises or anywhere in Ghana?

Was Ahmed beaten up to death or he was shot to death?

If he were beaten up to death, outside the specified premises, by whomever, could Kennedy be charged with complicity in possible manslaughter?

If Ahmed was shot dead, as it is the case, and far away from Kennedy’s TV/radio station premises, is Kennedy still linked to, or culpable of, his death? If yes, how? If no, why?

In case you find someone’s attitude untoward, and you announce that if ever that person stepped in your house you will ask your children to beat him up, but he rather gets beaten up by someone else far away from your house and not by your children, can you still be held responsible for that?

Kennedy, when announcing on air offering money to any of his workers who could beat up Ahmed if he ever stepped in the premises of his TV/radio station, made a verbal contract the terms of which stand in the court of law. Therefore, if any worker had beaten up Ahmed as specified, the person could oblige Kennedy to honour his promise, thus, pay him. However, if the person by not through beating, but shooting Ahmed dead, can the person oblige Kennedy to pay him? If yes, how? If no, why not?

Kennedy said BEAT but he did not say KILL. He said this to the staff of his TV/radio station but not to the entire nation. Am I right? Therefore, an outsider beating, let alone killing, Ahmed, cannot oblige Kennedy to pay him since it does not fall within the verbal terms of the aired contract. Am I right, those of you quoting "abetting" to justify your perceived culpability or incrimination of Kennedy Agyapong in the death of Ahmed Hussein-Suale?

Abetting as is being cited by Lawyer Kissi Amoabeng or whoever he is to link Kennedy to the death of Ahmed is in my view irresponsible since Kennedy has not under any circumstances requested anyone to kill Ahmed, neither was Ahmed beaten to death nor killed in the premises of Kennedy’s TV/radio station.

Abetting by dictionary definition means, "to encourage, support, or countenance by aid or approval, usually in wrongdoing". Yes, Kennedy asked his workers to beat up Ahmed on condition of Ahmed stepping in the premises of his TV/radio station. However, Ahmed never went there. Therefore, how has Kennedy abetted the killing of Ahmed?

The evasive or divisionary tactics by the lawyers of Anas and their agents and assigns to scupper the police investigations into the murder of Ahmed to let the murderer free will never work.

If Anas had quickly rushed to put a video on Facebook or the social media pointing accusing finger at Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) in relation to Ahmed’s death, what was his ulterior motive behind such an act? Could he not first have gone to the police with his evidence and concerns? If Anas had responded to the police phone call to him for invitation regarding Ahmed’s death or to locate his (Anas’) whereabouts and he had answered that he was in South Africa whereas indeed he was in Ghana, then he needs better explaining to do. Why did he lie if indeed he had? If Anas had really filled out an Embarkation and Destination pass at the Kotoka Airport on 19 January 2019 that his destination was Lome while boarding Brussels Airline or an airline going to Brussels without stopping in Lome, then he has lied and must explain why he lied. What has he to hide and for what reason has he left the country without waiting to be interviewed by the police into the untimely and gruesome murder of his work colleague, Ahmed?

For Anas rushing to purport to incriminate Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) in the murder of Ahmed, many are the fingers pointing at him than are pointing at Kennedy, going by the underlying cited precedents.

On 4 August 2002, school girls Holly and Jessica were killed by Ian Huntley in Soham, a small town in Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom. "Within hours of the girls’ death, he was pretending to help in the search for them….." Later he was discovered to have killed them and has since been sentenced to forty years imprisonment only to come out in 2042.

In 2013, Mick Philpott and his lover set fire to their house that killed six of his children. However, he tried to blame it on his ex-lover. The truth did not take long to emerge and he was subsequently convicted. Read the full story from the web link below.

Read about "A family massacre disguised as a massive fire in New Jersey"

There are thousands of such cases that I can cite to buttress my contention that Anas could possibly have engineered the killing of Ahmed going by his behaviours as reported above, following Ahmed’s gruesome murder.

If Ghana police would act professionally without fear or favour, the clues I have given could help them quickly narrow down their list of suspects if they have any at all, to sooner catch the perpetrators of the heinous murder. The mention of Kennedy is just a diversionary tactics by both Anas and his lawyers who may not worth their salt.

I am not a lawyer but it does not take one to be a lawyer to know the law and understand certain things. It suffices to read and make research. Kennedy is not more of a suspect than Anas! I hope the police will not for fear, favour or whatever, let Anas off the hook.

Finally, I extend my warmest affections and condolences to the bereaved family of Ahmed. I stand shoulder to shoulder with the family to finding who killed Ahmed without any distractions and lies directed at obliterating the traces only for an innocent person to be accused while the actual perpetrator walks away free. Whoever killed Ahmed will be found. I count on the public to volunteer information either directly or anonymously to the police.

Drawing on my rich experience in London, I shall advise the police to get hold of Ahmed’s mobile phones, those of his wives and those of Anas. With the phones, they can get experts to help them determine the circumstances leading to his death and whether or not he had enemies of any sorts which the phones might have captured some of their messages. This work could be done hand in hand with his phone or internet providers. Get his laptops if he had any without delay.

Rockson Adofo

Rockson Adofo
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