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02.12.2005 General News

Esseku wants portions of conversation on tape edited

By Joy
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Details emerging from the Esseku Castle kickback allegations have confirmed newspaper reports that the NPP chairman was unhappy about disbursement of monies by the President.

A recorded telephone conversation made available to Joy FM has revealed that Mr. Harouna Esseku made serious allegations against the presidency which he later pleaded with reporters from The Enquirer not to publish.

The tape is the first of two that the editor of The Enquirer, Raymond Archer, promised to release for broadcast after an interview on Joy FM on Thursday.

In the following recorded conversation with The Enquirer's reporter, David Tamakloe, Mr. Esseku is heard appealing to the reporter to leave out portions of his comments in order to save his political campaign.

These are excerpts of that telephone conversation Mr. Tamakloe had with the NPP Chairman.

Tamakloe: Sir you know tomorrow our story is coming out.

Esseku: Which story?

Tamakloe: Oh I told the story about the castle, yes about the president in charge of the funds.

Esseku: Oh I thought I told you that, that portion must not be published.

Tamakloe: That he is hijacking the funds.

Esseku: Yes I thought that is what I said. I said that monies are being paid to the castle, right, but I think it is not right and I don't think I should fight that out publicly.

Tamakloe: No, no we are not fighting publicly, that's why I said we will make it look as if we were discussing what happened at the meeting with your party officers.

Esseku: Okay, can I have an advance copy?

Tamakloe: Huh, it will be difficult sir.

Esseku: I thought you said it will be coming out tomorrow, it means by this time, you have already gone to bed.

Tamakloe: Yes we are almost gone to bed.

Esseku: You don't think you can read that small portion for me?

Tamakloe: I am not in the office at the moment; you know my boss is difficult to deal with when it comes to these things.

Esseku: What is the essence of what you are going to publish?

Tamakloe: That the Castle is hijacking monies that should have gone to the party and that we captured it from a tape that has been recorded at a meeting we had with your party officers. So my word of advice is that you have to take a stand.

Esseku: I don't want anything which will damage my campaign.

The newspaper published a series of reports in which it alleged that the NPP chairman complained that the Castle had hijacked monies paid by certain individuals and companies for the running of the party.

However, both Mr. Esseku and Castle officials have denied the allegation with the NPP chairman insisting that the recorded interview be aired for the public to judge.

Meanwhile Mr. Archer has promised to release the main interview for broadcast on Monday.

Stay tuned to the midday News for the fuller version of that interview.