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01.12.2005 Gossips

Cocaine MP Names Accomplice Ministers

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Very Dark clouds are hanging over Mr Kufuor and his Ministers with the revelation by the lawyer of the Narcotics Peddlers Party (NPP) MP busted in the US for smuggling heroine into that country that his client, Eric Amoateng, has mentioned the names of some Ministers of Mr Kufuor's government as being his accomplices.

Eric Amoateng's lawyer, one Dr Kwaku Darko Busia, told an Accra based radio reporters on their bulletin at 6am yesterday that his client has mentioned the names of some Ministers in the Kufuor administration to FBI investigators as being his accomplices in the heroine smuggling case.

Dr Busia also revealed that he had tried to contact one of the Ministers whose names his client has mentioned but the said Minister hanged up on him the moment he (Dr. Busia) mentioned the subject matter of his call. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) are said to be investigating the Ministers named by Eric Amoateng. But Information Minister, Mr Dan Botwe, told The Ghanaian Lens in a telephone interview yesterday that, “government is not aware that the FBI is investigating any Minister.”

“This is a very serious issue that affects the whole country, and I don't think that we should be using it to play partisan politics,” Dan Botwe advised. Meanwhile, The Ghanaian Lens sources at the UN headquarters in New York have confirmed that the name of one particular rather prominent member of Mr Kufuor's government keeps appearing on the radars of US investigators.

The Ghanaian Lens is withholding the name of the said Minister for the time being for legal reasons. Until his arrest in the US, the busted heroine smuggling MP was one of the key financiers of the Narcotics Peddlers Party (NPP).

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