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Opinion | Jan 28, 2019

UEW At The Crossroads Again

UEW At The Crossroads Again

This statement is for All students, Professors, Senior Lecturers, Lecturers, Management, all staff and alumni of the University of Education, and all indigenes of Winneba.

I am an alumnus of the University of Education, and an indigene of Winneba.

Our school, University of Education, has already gone through major turbulent times in the last year.

Initially, and at the onset of the turbulence, it was one court case after the other. One controversy after the other.

I believe that the difficult days that the school went through are almost over, with the University currently enjoying some level of peace.

In the last few months, however, there has been one individual who is attempting to unreasonably interfere in the affairs of the school and derail its progress.

I don’t believe we should allow any individual to unreasonably interfere in the affairs of the university.

I will like us all, students, alumni, staff, as well as the indigenes of Winneba, to stand ready to defend our school.

To students and alumni, please remember that UEW is our pride and that the strength of our certificates is also dependent on the reputation of the school. People will respect our certificates if they see our school as a respectable institution.

To the Council, Management and staff of the university, please remember that your long term survival depends on the university standing the test of time.

To the indigenes of Winneba, remember that if for nothing at all, the presence of the university by itself has brought us a lot of businesses: hostels are springing up everywhere for students accommodation, taxi drivers are doing brisk businesses because of the presence of students, traders and 'bodwabodwa' stores are doing good businesses because of the presence of the students and staff.

So remember that it is this school that gives us bread, and gives us our collective pride.

Just imagine Winneba without this university, how would this town have looked like?

For all that the mere presence of the university has done for our town, it is our collective duty to protect it and help it to grow, so that our future generations shall benefit more from its presence.

We are looking for the best for our children who attend the university. And this can only happen if the university is allowed to operate without any interference, and the university is capable of taking its own decisions without any external manipulations.

We should allow the University Council the breathing space to operate and for them to take their own decisions.

We should never allow anyone, whether with power or with money, to interfere in the University's administration without any reasonable cause, for therein lies the attack on the academic freedoms of the school.

Remember that the resources of the university are meant for the running of the university itself, for the benefits of students, staff, and to open our town up to business.

The resources of the university are not meant to be taken as spoils of war.

I will give you more information as the development unfolds, and I am promising you that this time around I will lead the campaign to ward off any unreasonable interference in the school.

Long live the University of Education.

Long live Winneba.

James Kofi Annan

University of Education Alumni

Journalist |Social Justice Advocate| business Entrepreneur

James Kofi Annan
James Kofi Annan, © 2019

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