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30.11.2005 General News

We have to believe Esseku - Kofi Wayo

By Chronicle
We have to believe Esseku  - Kofi Wayo
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MAVERICK POLITICIAN, Mr. Charles Kofi Wayo, aka Nima Boy, has stated that the revelations made by the national chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Harona Esseku, was just a tip of the iceberg of more damning revelations yet to come out from the Castle.

According to him, the chairman's alleged assertion has not only vindicated him on his long time pronouncement of corruption at the presidency but also cleared the NPP national chairman of his conscience before his creator.

"He forced himself to acknowledge that they have deceived the people of this country for far too long. The man knew that he is getting old and he needs to confess and cleanse himself before he leaves this world," Kofi Wayo said, adding that Ghanaians should expect more revelations, like misuse of diplomatic passports, drug related cases and others.

Mr. Wayo, a former leading member of the NPP, who made this remarks known to The Chronicle when the paper sought his views on the kickback conundrum, said it would be untenable and unjustified for anyone to doubt the revelations of the party chairman, "who is also a cabinet member."

"We need to believe him because he is the national chairman of the party. He knows what goes on within the party and the government. If a frog comes out from the river and says, there is a snake in the river you must believe it because it comes from the river."

When this paper drew his attention to the fact that Mr. Esseku had since denied the allegations, Mr. Wayo said, "If he claims that it was not true, he should take the paper to court or dare the reporter to play the tape to the hearing of the masses. What sort of mentality is that?" He asked rhetorically.

"What evidence do you need again to prove that the man is making confessions? Do you know that there is what we call circumstantial evidence? Look we need to admire the man and congratulate him on his boldness to confess the rot that is going on in the Castle. His confessions prove that the NPP is not coming back to power. The government has no credibility at all," he said.

He said the disclosure of the NPP chairman was reminiscent of the assertions made by Hon. Joseph Henry Mensah, the senior minister, reported in October 17, this year in the Network Herald.

"He also confessed to his god that they had been deceiving Ghanaians for far too long. He said that figures quoted had no relationship to you at all."

Speaking further with The Chronicle, Mr. Wayo, an oil magnet, stated that taking the prevailing circumstances into consideration, if it were to be a civilized country, the president should step aside and prevail upon the Attorney General and Minister of Justice and Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) to set up an inquiry into the matter to clear him of the allegations.

Citing the cases of the former deputy minister for Presidential Affairs, Alhaji Moctar Bamba, the premix fuel, Sahara and others, which according to him proved that the Presidency was corrupt, Mr. Wayo, who claimed he has the keys to unlock the nation's success, said there should be no reason for the people to vote for the NPP in the next elections, but he was quick to say that the NPP was riding on the ignorance and illiteracy of Ghanaians to gain more votes.

Responding to the arrest of Mr. Eric Amoateng, the NPP Member of Parliament for Nkoranza North, Mr. Wayo said the NPP should not be held responsible because the MP is an individual.

"I am not worried at all about the development because I know what is going on. The man is a drug dealer," he said.

The former NPP member expressed concern about the inability of Ghanaians to make three square meals a day.

He mentioned the deplorable conditions of social amenities of the masses, saying instead of the government to turn attention to the suffering masses, it rather goes on begging for alms, which he claimed, would not be used to the advantage of the poor.

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