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29.11.2005 General News

Some People in Govt Knew -Amoateng

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The trial of embattled MP, Eric Amoateng may not start anytime soon. His lawyer Dr Kwaku Darko Busia arrived in New York on Monday to seek audience with him at the detention centre.

He however returned to his UK office soon after.

Joy News Reporter in the US Kofi Abotsi caught up with Dr Busia later from his UK office and first asked him how the busted MP is taking the issue whiles in detention.

“ He is disturbed a little because he is locked up for 23 hours with very little exercise. Contrary to some Media reports that he does not have money to even make calls is partially true. The reason is that the DA took all the money he had away from him when he was arrested.

Additional money sent by his son in London to him also takes a long time to clear to be put on his book so he can't, but the US investigators do not want him to make phone calls to interrupt their investigations. But other than that he misses his family, work, colleagues and of course his country.

He pointed out that he didn't do this job alone and that there are people inside the government who knew about it…” he said.

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