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Editorial | Jan 23, 2019

Sigh Of Relief, Normalcy At Last

By Daily Guide
Sigh Of Relief, Normalcy At Last

The doubts which underpinned the success of the roadmap to peace in Dagbon have now evaporated into thin air: the hurdles have been surmounted and a Yaa Naa is named.

President Akufo-Addo and the Committee of Eminent Chiefs have done what had earlier remained a Gordian Knot, too difficult to be resolved. The tenacity of purpose and an outstanding endurance have both been rewarded with the beginning of a new dawn.

It is instructive that the President when he assumed the political leadership of the country regarded the resolution of the Dagbon crisis as a priority. He embarked on the journey by supporting the roadmap the eminent personalities have been executing in its entirety and it has paid. He has succeeded where others failed and almost gave up any chance of normalcy returning to this restive part of the country. The President shares the glory with the eminent persons, former President John Agyekum Kufuor included, for the feat achieved so far.

Success has many children not so failure which is shunned by all. We have observed interestingly how many have joined in congratulating the Yaa Naa-Elect having tried abortively to stall the process through negative remarks and behind-the-scene manouvres. Now that success has come, they would not want to be left behind. They would salute the new regions when these formally take off too: they showed how they voted in the recently organised referendum on the creation of new regions on social media even through the Oti Region issue caused them insomnia.

Be it as it may, they are welcome onboard. Doffing their hats for all those whose efforts led to the reaping of these dividends would have showed their sincerity. This is a tall order we know.

Although the process is in its final throes, there is no doubt the worst is over. The bad guys would not mind seizing any security lapse to throw spanner into the good works already accomplished. They were in full flight when a few of them fired in the direction of the Gbewaa Palace although the misguided project yielded nothing safe the death of one of the hoodlums who love belligerence more than they do peace.

As he undergoes the final aspects of the rituals which would complete his transition into full-fledged Yaa Naa, we call on the security managers to overwhelm the Yendi municipality with soldiers and cops and who should pitch camp in the town many months after the rituals. It would be a costly venture but no amount of money is too much for guaranteeing peace in a restive area such as this traditional area under review.

We salute the cops and their military counterparts for their performance so far and ask they continue to exhibit the quality professionalism they have displayed since their deployment to the conflict zone. In the face of insults and sometimes attacks from firearms, they have persevered refusing to respond in an all-out fashion which would have changed the picture of the grounds.

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