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28.11.2005 General News

Esseku’s allegations beyond doubt

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The case involving NPP chairman, Haruna Esseku's allegations of corruption against the Presidency has taken a different turn with an anti-corruption observer claiming to have listened to a taped recording of Mr. Esseku's allegations.

Daniel Batidam, Executive Director of the Ghana Integrity Initiative, a local chapter of Transparency International has confirmed the existence of a taped interview during which the NPP chairman accused President Kufuor of disbursing kickbacks collected from contractors and other companies.

Both Mr. Esseku and the Presidency have denied the allegations. But the editor of the Enquirer, Raymond Archer says he stands by his story.

Now, a leading anti corruption campaigner, Daniel Batidam, says to JOYFM after listening to the tape that the authenticity of the allegations cannot be challenged.

He says the onus lies on the National Chairman to prove that the allegations are not true.

He told JOYNEWS that even though it is critical to play the tape on air, it is important to be circumspect on what is played. Mr. Batidam said the tape contains demeaning statements, which could even threaten national security.

Mr. Batidam's confirmation of the allegations as captured on tape is bound to have a significant impact on the controversy.

The Ghana Integrity Initiative has been at the forefront of the anti-corruption campaign representing the world renowned Transparency International.