28.11.2005 Tabloid News

Woman Goes Mad During Her Marriage Ceremony

By P&P
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Relatives and acquaintances of 27-year old Agatha Ankrah were beside themselves with joy when a man who had asked her hand in marriage scheduled the engagement ceremony for November 5, 2005.

On the appointed day, the two families, friends and invited guests gathered at the family house of Agatha at Effia-Kuma, a suburb of Takoradi, to share in the joyous occasion. However, barely an hour into what was set to be an exciting marriage ceremony, the smiling bride began behaving funny. She went inside her room and returned after ten minutes having removed the well-designed dress she was adorned in. Surprisingly, she had just a cover clothe around torso.

She then started making uncomplimentary gestures and statements to the bewildered invitees present. Confounded, some members of the family attempted sending her back into the room but they had a hectic time as she struggled to free herself from their grip. She was all for hitting the road running. The ceremony was brought to an abrupt end, as the invitees had to leave in disappointment. She was however, subdued and rushed to the Effia-Nkwanta hospital for assessment. But later referred to the Ankaful psychiatric hospital.

She was still receiving treatment at the time of filing this report. Agatha's sudden mental attack on such an important occasion of her life has resulted in all sorts of argument in her neighbourhood. While some attribute her condition to witches in her family, others are pointing accusing fingers at the former wife of the supposedly new husband, Mr. Kweku Boafo. P&P gathered that he had to divorce her after meeting and falling in love with Agatha.

The former wife was alleged to have threatened to deal with whoever was responsible for the husband ditching her. A close relative of Agatha who spoke to P&P on the basis of anonymity related that since the Bible and ring were not handed over to them before the unexpected happened. They were not sure whether Mr. Boafo would go on with the marriage later on or call it quits for good. She said Agatha was responding well to treatment. However, attempts to get Boafo for an interview proved futile as he was said to be out of town.