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Jan 17, 2019 | NDC News

NDC Accused of Diverting 100 Vehicles Meant for Education Ministry

By Modern Ghana
NDC Accused of Diverting 100 Vehicles Meant for Education Ministry

The Chairman of Parliament’s Education Committee, Steven Siaka has accused the previous National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration of diverting 100 pick-up trucks meant for the Education Ministry to their party constituencies.

In 2016, the Education Ministry through private firm Vani Group Limited imported 500 vehicles at a cost of $18 million for various schools.

The vehicles included consisted of 100 Nissan Navara pick-ups, 100 Mahindra pickups, 200 33-seater buses and 100 66-seater buses.

They were to be shared among schools in special need, polytechnics being turned into universities, public and some private universities and senior high schools.

Steven Siaka told Joy News’ Joseph Opoku Gakpo the Mahindra pick up vehicles were distributed to NDC constituencies for use in campaigning.

He claims NDC constituency officials are still in possession of these vehicles for party activities and served notice security officials will soon go after them to retrieve them.

“The 100 units Mahindra double cabin pick-ups were used to run their campaign activities. That is a misplacement of national resources and we are quiet about it

“They diverted the Mahindras to run their party activities in their constituencies. If you go there right now, all the double pick-up Mahindras were bought in the name of the Education Ministry,” Mr Siaka said.

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He disclosed that even when the transaction went through, the $18 million that was to be paid to the company was not paid.

The current government he added, had to overspend their budget by about ¢44 million to pay off about $10 million of the $18 million to offset the debts.

He said government intends to pursue the matter and the security agencies will go after the NDC to locate the whereabouts of the vehicles.

The Minority’s Spokesperson on Education, Peter Norstu Kotoe, has however denied the allegations.

Describing the allegations as surprising he accused the Chairman of deceit, adding “NDC never diverted any vehicles bought for the Ministry of Education for campaign activities.

“What the Chairman said is an irresponsible statement because that thing never happened and I didn’t expect him to do that.”

The Akasti North MP said the Chairman’s comments are a fabrication and that no vehicles have been diverted, “the story is just to deceive Ghanaians.”


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