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16.01.2019 Feature Article

General Elections: Ndigbo Muslim Group Organizes Fasting, Prayer For Peace, Harmony

General Elections: Ndigbo Muslim Group Organizes Fasting, Prayer For Peace, Harmony
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An Ndigbo Muslim group has concluded plans to organize fasting and prayers for the peaceful conduct of the forthcoming general elections of 16thFebruary and 2nd March, 2019, and to harmonize their potentialities in final preparation for participation in the national democratic and civic obligation.

Under the auspices of the South Eastern Muslims Organization of Nigeria (SEMON), the Muslims will hold the prayer session at the National Mosque complex, Abuja early February 2019 to give members the opportunity to go home to their states in the Southeast, except for those who registered with the INEC within Abuja and its environs.

A statement by the chairman and secretary of SEMON, Muhammad O. Ajah Jr. and Abdurrahman N. Urama respectively, said that the fasting of members is voluntary while the prayer session is compulsory for all members to attend. It said the prayer session will be conducted in Igbo Language by Ndigbo Muslim Islamic scholars and Imams.

According to them, all members of SEMON have been mandated to begin to prepare to travel to their villages where they registered and acquired their Permanent Voters’ Cards, while those at home have been sensitized on the voting pattern that will ease their consciences, guarantee their existence and protect the interest of the minority Islamic followership in Nigeria.

The Ndigbo Muslim group, they noted, has warned all members not to participate in any violent electioneering event before, during and after the elections; rather they must put all hopes in Allah Who gives whatever He wishes to whosoever He wishes. “The leadership of SEMON believes in the necessity of organizing a fasting and prayer sessions for the general elections. It is unarguable that prayer is the key to success. Nigeria needs very peaceful and successful general elections. The prayer session will hold on 2nd February 2019, two week before the Presidential and National polls. If the need be, we will organize another one at our respective states for the governorship and state assembly elections.”

“We have always prayed for Nigeria and our leaders. This one is going to be special because it is for a particular purpose. We are going to pray to Allah to grant victory to those who will represent their people well and those who will recognize and protect Ndigbo Muslims. It has been very tough for us in our states and in Nigeria. We have suffered. But we are very hopeful that Allah will answer our prayers and give us the privileges He has given other citizens of our states and Nigerians.”

“We need opportunities to excel. We cannot remain in our condition forever. The earlier our religious and political leaders realize this, the better. Allah has the power to turn events. Our leaders should do something tangible about the situation. Nigeria is for all Nigerians. No segment should be denied the opportunities to showcase potentials or vie for excellence.”


Muhammad O. Ajah Jr.
National Chairman

Abdurrahman Nwabueze Urama
National Secretary

Muhammad Ajah
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