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Opinion | Jan 15, 2019

Enemies Of Dagbon

By Tiyumba Jawad
Enemies Of Dagbon

I won’t bore you with the history of Dagbon, how a great Kingdom it was and all that. I just want to draw the attention of you, the reader to what has been causing havoc in the region all these years. It is sad to say the very people Dagbon or Dagombas raised are trying very hard to tarnish this ethnic group. Most people may have wondered, what fuels the war among the Dagomba people. Just like you, I have been thinking so and my research over the years have been vindicated. When Dagombas are mentioned, all that comes in mind is the war among the Abudus and the Andanis (brothers or cousins) and how they’ve not been able to live together in peace and harmony since 2002, when the Overlord, Yaa Naa Yakubu Andani was murdered. Others with a bit of the history will remember when Yaa Naa Mahamadu Abdulai was deskinned by political power of the Acheampong regime. In general, Dagombas are regarded as an ethnic group from Northern Ghana that hates PEACE.

Fellow Ghanaians and Dagombas, you enemy are not your brothers who belongs to either of the gates (Abudu/Andani) but the politician who represents you at the parliament house. The minority leader and the entire Norther NDC caucus have demonstrated how evil their intentions are to continuously split the Dagbon people in recent times. Some few weeks ago, almost every Ghanaian was happy to hear that “Dagombas have smoked the PEACE pipe” and are willing to perform the funeral rites of the two great Overlords, the descendants of Gbewaa, Yaa Naa Mahamadu Abdulai and Yaa Naa Yakubu Andani. Just some few days ago, the media reported chaos in the Dagbon traditional capital, Yendi when the Andanis were set to perform the funeral rites of Yaa Naa Yakubu Andani and most people rushed to the conclusion that it was the Abudus that caused it. I am not writing to blame anyone but to blame and warn our so-called MPs from Northern region lead by “Hon” Haruna Iddrisu. The current happenings in the Northern region is their cause and if they do not desist from such hypocrisy, it shall hunt them one day.

On the 13th January 2019, I read an article being signed by “Hon” Alhassan Fuseini Inusah accusing the government and the Abudus of what transpired in Yendi on Thursday, 10th January 2019, where one person was killed, and three others were seriously injured. It is rather unfortunate for those who were supposed to show a level of maturity and patriotism were rather exposing their ignorance and level of selfishness. I would have remained mute and not commented on this if all I did was read and not have heard. One of the laziest yet foul mouthed person who is a mistake to the Ghanaian politics had the audacity to publicly condemn the Abudu family and the entire Northern region minority caucus endorsed it with their release. Let me state this to well meaningful Ghanaians that, the NDC representatives are the cause of the unending Dagbon crisis since they feel its to their benefit forgetting Karma is real. The MP for Sanarigu is heard accusing the Abudu family of refusing to vacate the “Dugu” palace which is one of the traditional homes needed to perform some rites of Yaa Naas’ thus the Thursday incident between the Abudu and the Andani. It has been noted that these same MPs claiming to want PEACE in the Northern region completely ignored the Abudu family when they were performing the funeral rites of the late Yaa Naa Mahamadu Abdulai and paid deaf ears to what transpired during that time. Are they, the Norther minority caucus of the NDC telling Dagombas and Ghanaians that, they did not witness the Andani family refusal to vacate some parts of the Gbewaa palace? How did they, the Mps respond to it? “Let’s not try to rob Peter to pay Paul”. They completely ignored the cry of the Abudus forgetting that, the Abudus will have their turn and may refuse to vacate which they did. We are all aware of what the minority caucus in Northern Region headed by “Hon” Haruna Iddrisu presented to the Andani family lead by the Sanarigu legislature “Hon” Fuseini Bashir Alhassan.

I wish to caution them especially, “Hon” Fuseini Bashir Alhassan that, Dagbon is bigger than his office and if he wants to be lectured properly on Dagbon and its traditions, he should call for it but shouldn’t use his office to comment on delicate issues that will affect him one day. Being a legislature is way beyond proverbs, arrogance and ignorance.

Are our so-called Minority caucus (NDC) legislatures representing the people of Dagbon or the Andani family? Since when did we sell our tradition to partisan politics? The NPP has shown us, Dagombas how they love us by helping us get to this stage and are continuously pouring in their support in one way or the other. The Northern Regional Chairman of the NPP personally delivered his quota on behalf of the NPP to both Royal gates and has not blamed anyone on the recent happenings but rather calling for PEACE. Why can’t you do same, my so-called MPs. We want you to that, “Dagbon does not belong to Abudu/Andani or any political party, Dagbon belongs to Dagombas”.

We have cried for far too long and our tears are dried up. We have been quiet for a very long time and ignored your ignorance and selfishness. All we ask of you is development of our region, yet you can’t boast of any. “Hon”. Haruna Iddrisu, on behalf of the Dagomba people, we beseech you to leave us alone if you can’t offer anything good. Posterity will judge us. Your cups are full.

To the government of Ghana and the Otumfuor lead committee, we offer our sincere gratitude for your works so far. Thank you.

That Dagomba boy Tiyumba.

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