27.12.2018 Feature Article

Solar Energy Water Purification Plastic Sack To Reduce Diseases In Rural Africa

Solar sack purifies water with the sun.Solar sack purifies water with the sun.
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Access to a clean source of drinking water is a major problem in many developing countries. Villagers often have to cover long distances in search for drinking water. While African leaders are struggling without any means to provide good drinking water in the villages, two students from Denmark have developed a water bag to purify drinking water by solar energy.

The water purification plastic water bottle named 'SolarSack' is inexpensive and environmentally friendly water purification object which uses the solar energy. The concept has already been tested in villages, refugee camps, and slums in East Africa where it will be marketed.

The two Danish architecture and design students, Anders Løcke and Louise Ullmann developed the plastic water container which holds up to four liters of water that can be purified from dirt and bacteria by sun exposure before the water is used.

In the direct heat of the sun for about four hours, between 99.9 and 99.999 percent of all harmful bacteria in the ‘Solar Sack,’ are eliminated. These results were confirmed during SolarSack testing in Kenya and Uganda, where local humanitarian organizations participated alongside with the Danish students.

The water bag which has been approved by the World Health Organization is less than a dollar and can be reused about 150 times. Thus, the water bag provides purified water with the solar energy without a cost.

According to sources, there are currently more than 47 million people without access to drinking water and 80% of all diseases in this region come from the source of bad drinking water.

Thus, the manufacturers have decided to distribute the filter bag throughout East Africa but this will benefit the entire African continent where thousands of people have no access to clean water.

There are many ways water can be purified in Africa. Some are not only expensive but dangerous. For example, in order to purify water for the majority of the population, a large amount of coal or wood is needed, which is a costly commodity for local organizations.

Therefore, the use of solar energy for water purification is one of the best solutions which everyone can do. As already mentioned, at a single dollar price, it is possible to clean more than 500 liters of water using one filter bag, while that price of one 'solar-sack' can’t buy wood or coal.

The two founders of the project, Anders Løcke, and Louise Ullmann, are currently working full time on their SolarSack, and in partnership with technology companies and humanitarian organizations, hoping to provide good health to villagers to reduce water-borne diseases.