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Food Stealing Matron Of Kade Senior High Technical School Remains At Post

By Sanley Assor
Mattew Opoku Prempeh, Education Minister
LISTEN DEC 25, 2018
Mattew Opoku Prempeh, Education Minister

Janet Sogah, the matron of the Kade Senior High Technical School (KASSTECH), who was caught red handed stealing food from the school’s store for her personal use, appears to have silently received absolution for her crime.

This is because almost two years after she was caught looting the school stores, the Ghana Education Service and the Police have not been able to bring her to book.

What’sUp News sources say that the thieving matron is still fully in charge of the culinary affairs of students at the school. Yours truly has also heard that she may be staying on because of sheltering from the school’s Headmaster, Emmanuel Danquah.

Mr. Danquah himself allegedly has his hands in Ms Sogah’s mouth because he himself has so many food stealing escapades tucked away into dirty files that Janet Sogah has at her disposal as wild cards.

Even so, Mr. Emmanuel Danquah has at least, one scandalous food stealing escapade that has already come to public knowledge. Earlier in the year, he allegedly sent his drive to cart away rice and milk from the school’s stores. The theft however ended up a misadventure because the school’s watchman stopped it.

Mr. Danquah has since fired the watchman for doing his duty. Jacob Ninson, alias Azikay, the watchman has therefore become unemployed, bereft of his source of livelihood.

“He was not the only one, the watchman was sacked together with three others because the PTA cannot afford to pay him salary anymore,” Mr. Emmanuel Danquah justified the sacking of Azikay in a phone interview.

Interestingly, What’sUp News has confirmed that indeed, Azikey was an employee of the school’s PTA and not the school administration and therefore only the PTA can fire him. Emmanuel Danquah had therefore acted ultra vires when he sacked Azikay.

Meanwhile Janet Sogah, the disgraced Matron of KASSTECH is still safely at post almost two years after she was caught looting the school’s stores. In early 2017 she was caught red handed smuggling rice and oil from the school store. The case has since been reported to the Police, while the Ghana Education Service (GES) has also stepped in.

As Ms Sogah stays on to the amazement of unhappy parents and students alike, the school is still in the shape of the market place that tutors have since turned it into.

Headmaster Emmanuel Danquah, continues to use his office as uniform sales depot, the school’s Librarian continues to use the school’s library to freeze water for sale, and House Mistress Madam Joyce continues to sell foodstuff on campus.

Other tutors such as Augustina Adobea also freely use school’s electricity to power her deep freezer and electric ovens for business while the school’s ICT lab has been turned into a compulsory passport picture production center.

Source: What’sUp News

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