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21.11.2005 Tabloid News

Male Organ Buried In Pawpaw

By P&P
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Wonders, they say, will never end. This is what Mr Kpordzi Kokugah, a 50-year-old vegetable gardener of Gbedekope-Aflao in the Ketu District of the Volta Region and his household realized on Tuesday, October 11, 2005 when they bisected a pawpaw and what did they see – a 10-inch long, penis-like object.

Speaking to the P&P, Mr Kpordzi Kokugah said he brought the giant pawpaw from his garden for home consumption, and that the whole household was held spellbound when the pawpaw was split open and the only thing they saw was that bizarre object, without a single seed. He went on that the pawpaw, which measured 19 inches in length and 12 in diameter, was not the first fruit harvested from the tree and that all the former fruits had been normal.

As expected, the object instantly sparked off serious tongue wagging and attracted a sizeable inquisitive crowd from the vicinity, struggling to have a glimpse. While some said an oracle should be consulted to find an explanation for the phenomenon, others said a pastor should be called in to pray over the fruit, especially as the penis-like object which was originally yellow turned while like a candle, when photographed.

Mr Sylvester Ocansey, a former herbalist now a born again Christian, commenting on the issue said this is quite natural, He said, the penis-like object is known as “Carica Papya” and could be used to cure so many ailments including asthma, but as to how it is used, he did not disclose. On Madam Nubukpor Adjoavi sharply disagreed, saying it could be the penis of an adulterous man, which had been imprisoned in the giant pawpaw by means of juju.

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