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Dec 20, 2018 | Press Statement

Save Kwabre East Constituency From Incompetent Member Of Parliament

By Sawadogo Mahmoud
Save Kwabre East Constituency From Incompetent Member Of Parliament

I have observed with disquiet the naked show of incompetence and ineptitude by the NPP Member of Parliament for Kwabre East constituency, Hon. Francisca Oteng after almost two (2) years in office. I therefore wish to draw the attention of the NPP party in the constituency to the fact that we, the constituents, deserve some modicum of competence and a true representation in Parliament.

I had encountered the MP, then NPP Parliamentary Candidate, on two occasions prior to her election as MP and was left disappointed on both occasions as she clearly demonstrated that she was not cut out for the job. It is trite knowledge that Francisca Oteng is MP not based on merit but because she stood on the ticket of the NPP. A ticket she won under very strange and dubious circumstances!

It is becoming increasingly evident that our MP lacks the requisite lobbying skills to bring any form of development to the constituency as no major development has been witnessed so far. Even projects like the Mamponteng market that has stalled, have no hopes of being continued as our MP wallows in a state of confusion.

I am aware that the NPP government itself has nothing to show for all the borrowings over the almost 2 years but for a constituency that gave the NPP over 70000, this level of neglect means something is wrong with the leadership of the constituency. Obviously, our MP is sleeping on the job as there has not been a single contribution to the national discourse by our MP whether on the floor of parliament or outside of it.

Admittedly, the NPP MPs in the constituency over the years have provided mediocre leadership but this has been the worst we have had to endure since the creation of the constituency in 2004. 2020 would present us the opportunity to shift the paradigm in terms of parliamentary leadership in the constituency and I trust the constituents to choose an NDC Member of Parliament to bring the needed change to Kwabre East constituency and save Kwabre East from this monumental incompetence.

Sawadogo Mahmoud
(Deputy Secretary, NDC Kwabre East Constituency)

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