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17.11.2005 Business & Finance

GT Launches New card

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Ghana Telecom (gt), the premiere telecommunication network in Ghana has launched its latest brand of prepaid cards, the "gt eazytalk". The "gt eazytalk" is the branded form of the old Ghana Telecom prepaid calling card with additional features to give freedom and convenient services to customers.

At the launch of the product in Accra, Mr Joseph Wireko, General Manager, Marketing Communication said, the new prepaid card is an "account attached to the card and not the telephone", and could be used on any fixed line and payphone.

"It can be used in a hotel, at home on fixed line, payphones, for faxes and accessing the internet," he said. In addition to the English language, "gt eazytalk" offers the choice of French and six local languages: Nzema, Ga, Twi, Hausa, Ewe and Dagbani.

Mr. Wireko said, "gt easytalk" cards would phase out the old prepaid phone cards, but reminded customers that the old ones are still valid until the stock runs out.

Mr Wireko announced that Ghana Telecom would introduce into the market cards dedicated specially for mobile calls, which would have more talk time when calling mobile phones irrespective of the network. There would also be specially dedicated cards for international calls.

He said Ghana Telecom is working on "refillable eazytalk" cards where customers would be given access codes that could be refilled to make their calls at anytime. It is also working on "virtual eazytalk" cards that could be used both in Ghana and outside the country. "Promotional cards", Mr Wireko said, would be used for adverts by corporate bodies to give information to their clients.

At the launch, there was a demonstration on how the prepaid calling card is used. The gt eazytalk cards come in three different prices; 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000. The card number which has 11-digits instead of the old 12-digit would be known as "authentication number".

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