Abelemkpe Presby Church Organises Medi-Screening

By Emmanuel Ajarfor Abugri
Health Abelemkpe Presby Church Organises Medi-Screening
DEC 10, 2018 LISTEN

The Abelemkpe branch of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana in collaboration with the University of Ghana Pharmacy Students Association has organised free medical screening for members and residents of Abelemkpe in Accra as part of their 35years anniversary celebrations.

A re-registration exercise was held by the church with support from the Ayawaso Sub-metro Mutual Health Insurance Scheme to renewal NHIS cards at a fee.

About 500 people (children, men and women) went through the exercise for treatment such as blood pressure, hepatitis B, malaria, sugar level and breast cancer with free basic medications.

Those with severe symptoms were given some reliefs and further asked to visit the health facility for proper treatment.

Opticians were also available to provide care for those with minor eye problems.

The Senior Presbyter of the Abelemkpe Presby congregation, Mr. Percy Adomako-Agyekum said the medical outreach was part of the year-long activities to celebrate their 35years anniversary.

When asked what prompted this medical screening, he indicated that “if you are not healthy, how will you work? If you don’t have sound health, sound mind, how will you work? How will you do business? How will you survive?”

Mr. Adomako-Agyekum noted that in as much as the church dwells on spiritual empowerment of its members, it is also important to focus on the health needs of the people that will enable them become physically fit inorder to actively engage in their religious activities.

He added that the church has held similar activities spearheaded by the various departments by creating a fair balance between the spiritual and physical needs of its members.

“People think that when you go to church frequently and worship the Lord you are immune to sicknesses. It is a wrong perception because the body only works effectively and healthy based on how we take care of our system. So if you engage in severe activities it will run down your system or make you fall sick, and the first place you will visit is the hospital whiles prayer follows,” he intimated.

The Senior Presbyter advised members to take their health needs serious by visiting the health posts periodically for medical check-ups.

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Emmanuel Ajarfor Abugri
Emmanuel Ajarfor Abugri


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