16.11.2005 General News

Jojo Quansah reacts to his critics

By jFm
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The Managing Editor of the Ghana Palaver Newspaper, Joojo Bruce Quansah says it is unfortunate that some sections of the public have cast doubts over his ordeal.

Mr. Bruce-Quansah who last week alleged that some unknown assailants attacked him in his Weija home says he still stands by the story.

In his first ever media interview after the incident, Joojo Bruce Quansah tells JOYNEWS that the experience and subsequent debates by analysts have taught him to be more reflective.

“Today, I know that even if I had died in my room some people will say I have committed suicide because I have been fined by a court. But the fact is that, a lot of businessmen in this country owe more than ¢2 billion, have they run away or have they committed suicide?

I am a very bold journalist, I've gone through a lot of things, a lot of hazards as a journalist, you see, I have been in this profession for a very long time, close to 30 years and I know what I am talking about and it is not this that will make me run away.

The person I sent with the message to Mr Ahwoi thought it was blood because it was in the night. It was not blood and my clothes have not been sent to any laboratory.

But to all those rejoicing over my ordeal, let me tell them something, today it is me, tomorrow it will be somebody else.

Quizzed as to why people would want to eliminate him, he said, “ I don't know, I don't know but you know in this world everybody has somebody that hates him or her. Somebody hates my guts, but the point is that right now I can't trust anybody.

Again, when he was asked why it took him so long a time to report to the police the attack on him by some unknown assailants, Mr Quansah said he was more concerned about his health than lodging a complaint with the police.

“Let me explain something, if I am attacked, whether it a miracle or whatever it is and I am able to get out of that attack, do you want me to go to police station first? Look police station is always there; at least I have to go to the hospital to see a doctor to make sure I am okay.

People do not know the state in which I was that day, if only people knew, let it happen to anybody and they will see. When I am dying you want me to the police station, the police will tell me to sit at counter back for donkey hours before they will even take me to the police hospital,” he said.