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Dec 7, 2018 | Agriculture

Farmers Day: Kuya Salutes All Farmers On This Memorable Occasion

By Kumasi Youth Association || KuYA
Farmers Day: Kuya Salutes All Farmers On This Memorable Occasion

A special day of this nature needs to be celebrated in order to celebrate our heroes, our gallant farmers for their immense contributions towards the development of Kumasi, Asante and Ghana. The Patrons, Executives and entire members of Kumasi Youth Association would like to salute and say Ayekoo to all farmers in Kumasi, Asante and Ghana.

KuYA appreciates the contribution of our gallant Nananom Akuafo) (farmers) who contributed in the building of Kumasi, notably towns like Asafo, Bantama, and Ash town.

We would like to Congratulate the various winners from the Districts/Municipal, Regions and National level for emerging as the best farmers out of the lot.

KuYA urges all farmers that, you are all winners for feeding us and seeking the well-being of Kumasi and Asante citizenry.

KuYA would like to wish all farmers in Kumasi,Asante and Ghana the very best of luck and a blissful future in all your endeavours.

May the Merciful and Almighty God continually shower his blessings upon you all.

Thank You




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