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Diaspora (USA) | Dec 7, 2018

Yamfo Association Of North America, Inc., Fundraising Dinner Dance

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Yamfo Association Of North America, Inc., Fundraising Dinner Dance

Yamfo Association of North America, Inc. is a membership based not for profit organization headquartered in Framingham Massachusetts. This organization is a union of all Yamfo Citizens in the diaspora who on November 17, 2018, organized its first Fundraising Dinner Dance to raise funds to support the Yamfo Youth Center project.

The event, themed “Bringing It Back to the Community” is aimed at collaborating with all citizens of Yamfo to work together on a mission to build a project that will house programs to engage, empower, involve, and educate the youths in our community, as well as creating awareness for citizenship and self-reliance.

The Dinner Dance was an appropriate event that brought many citizens and friends of Yamfo together to have fun and socialize while raising funds to accomplish their commitment to the community as partners in communal development.

According to the association’s President, the funds realized from the Fundraising Dinner Dance will be used to initiate the construction project of the Yamfo Youth Community Center, a multi-purpose community center that includes facilities such as the “senior-only” center, a youth center; meeting rooms and a recreational activities center, etc.

In attendance of the program was the distinguished son of Yamfo, Apostle Dr. Prof. Opoku Onyinah, the immediate past Chairman of the Church of Pentecost and the Brong Ahafo Regional Minister, Honorable Evans Opoku-Bobie. In his guest of honor speech, Apostle (as he is simply called by Yamfo citizens) commended the citizens of Yamfo on their “giving-pledge” campaign to develop their own town to improve the standard of living for the present and future generations.

As an industrious son of Yamfo, Apostle assured the citizens of his maximum support to ensure the association’s developmental agenda will have a resounding success.

The Brong Ahafo Regional Minister, Honorable Evans Opoku-Bobie was enthusiastic about the communal spirit and efforts of Yamfoman in diaspora.

He admonished the leadership of the association to continue to show patriotic spirit characterized by love, humility and empathy. He added the association’s commitment to bring it back to the community will leave a legacy for generations yet unborn.

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