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Dec 5, 2018 | Politics

Political Parties Okay EC Sankofa Logo

By Modern Ghana
Political Parties Okay EC Sankofa Logo

An annnoucement by the Electoral Commission of Ghana of reversing its new logo to the original old one with Ghana's Coat of Arms have been welcomed fairly by some political parties.

It would be recalled that prior to the 2016 Elections, the then Chairperson, Charlotte Osei changed the old logo.

The party spokespersons especially those of the PPP and NPP say the old logo with the coat of arms is truly representative of the spirit of the country.

A memo written by the chairperson Jean Mensa copied to the deputy chairpersons said: “From effective December 4, 2018, the original logo of the Electoral Commission which bears the coat of arms and has a ballot box showing the hand casting its vote has been restored.”

“The core values of the Electoral Commission namely integrity, fairness and accountability have from today also been restored.”

Shortly before the 2016 elections, former EC boss Mrs Charlotte Osei in rebranding the Commission introduced a new logo.

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Charlotte Osei with the her logo at the background

Even though the logo change was criticized heavily by some civil society organizations and opposition political parties at the time, the former EC boss stood by the decision to change the logo saying;

“That is our new logo. We liked it, we picked it and it makes us happy.”

She was later impeached mid-2018 after allegations of misconduct and breach of procurement laws were made against her.

Jean Mensa was subsequently appointed by president Akufo-Addo.

Hardly a year in office, Mrs. Mensa has ordered a reversal to the old logo which was changed by her predecessor.

When Joy News contacted representatives of political parties for their comments, a good number of them were in support of the reversal.

Nii Allotey Brew Hammond, Chairman of the Progressive People’s party said the reversal is pleasing.

“We were not very happy with that logo. We believe that it did not represent the electoral commission; we were not consulted in the change of the logo. This morning hearing about the news that this new electoral commission had reversed to the old logo is pleasing.”

He dismissed assertions, reversing to the old logo will be a waste of resources.

“The taxpayers’ money was wasted when the logo was converted. Going back to the original did not require a new design,” he said.

But the CPP is berating the Jean Mensa led administration for not consulting political parties before making the decision to revert to the old logo.

General Secretary of the CPP James Kwabena Bonfeh said: “It is very simple. Talk to the EC let them justify whether the timing is right, whether they had enough stakeholder consultation. That was how the previous one was done without engaging stakeholder. This one too is the same thing.”

The NPP’s Director of elections Evans Nimako has also welcomed the change. The NDC is however yet to comment on the matter.

There are those who have raised issues with regards to the cost of rebranding but Dr. Eric Bossman has allayed fears of many. He says they will spend approximately 15 thousand for the printing on letterheads across the country.


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