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Opinion | Dec 4, 2018

Bagbin, Hatred Is Destroying Your Beautiful Political Career

Bagbin, Hatred Is Destroying Your Beautiful Political Career

Some people persuade us to see others as enemies. Some of our leaders know how to play the paranoid card and they find a common enemy to bring their supporters together. Having a common enemy is what makes hatred personal we turn life into them versus us experience. These failed political figures have taught their supporters that for society to recognize them, they should attack. They think that destroying the former President's huge reputation would score them a huge victory. Because of their personal attacks, irrationality has taken over.

We all have emotions, but that doesn't mean that we need to let them drive our behaviour. Becoming emotionally competent requires to tame your mind, to look at your emotions, not through them. I am still struggling to understand why Alban Bagbin still cannot purge himself of this longheld antiMahama feeling and focus on what he wants to do. He needs to correct his thinking, so he doesn't apply that primitive impulse to destroy innocent souls. The former President continue to accord him the respect he deserves and does that genuinely so why this rigid disposition. His misguided actions are sinking his hardwon reputation very fast and it springs from the loss of control on himself. That desire to undermine Mahama's comeback can best be described as akin to mindless anger and hatred, not directed, but just a desire to do harm.

We need to reject vehemently any politics that target people because of their selfish desires.

That the NDC will lose the 2020 election if John Mahama leads the party. A statement coming from a senior party person who is what he is and reached where he is because of the NDC. I have listened to all the Aspirants and the common message they tell Ghanaians is the abysmal performance of the current administration, failure to fulfil their promises and the achievements of the NDC under Mahama. According to the Aspirants, the NPP won the elections because of the lies they told Ghanaians and the fantastic promises. Ghanaians are craving for the NDC's return because of the administration's failure to fulfil their promises. Bagbin is not proud of these achievements being used to assess the current administration. His focus is on how to get rid of John Mahama from the political space. His antiMahama sentiment has clouded his judgement. He is very intolerant and expects all to behave the same way. Bagbin cannot tell us he is more experienced than Mahama when it comes to politics no way. The fact that he accords him the deserved respect wherever they met doesn't mean he understands the game better than he does. His latest statement has confirmed the popular perception out there that he hates Mahama to the Max. What is the experience he splits our ears with? John Mahama was

  • a Parliamentarian
  • saved Ghanaians who were locked up in the Gambia
  • Solved the Ebola menace
  • Ended political tensions in the Subregion
  • As head of our economic team maintained the single digit inflation figure for months
  • The massive infrastructure including what he did in Bagbin's constituency
  • From Vice President to the President.

What makes Bagbin think he is a political Oracle who must be consulted by Mahama before he makes a move. Can be boldly enumerated his record at the various ministries he occupied for the public to do a critical assessment.

This attempt to unfairly use condemnation and baseless attacks to gain attention and reputational benefit and appear virtuous at the expense of John Mahama, when in fact your reputational benefits are underserved, explains what you truly represent.

You saw his back in 2016. Mature and astute as he is, John Mahama has still maintained that cordial relationship the two of you have enjoyed over the years why are you still pursuing this primitive agenda

The call for Mahama's return is a national call and that is the reality some of you are refusing to accept. When was the last time an NDC Presidential aspirant received such massive national endorsement?

NDC supporters, sympathisers and admirers per their actions have made it clear that they dislike hypocrites more than they dislike liars. Hypocrites who din and wine with the party's political opponents and plan evil moves with them. These persons find it difficult to condemn the current administration but comfortably take the NDC to the cleaners whenever they get the opportunity.

A smart politician will not take the decision he took to contest John Mahama. Ghanaians are not ready for Bagbin's antiMahama tantrums. They are demanding for the

  • One district one factory
  • One village one dam
  • One constituency $1 million annually
  • The 350 New Secondary Schools
  • Accra the cleanest city in Africa
  • Low Fuel prices
  • Stable Cedi
  • Low unemployment
  • Job for nurses and doctors
  • No family and friends government
  • Tell us about the Mahama hotels
  • Lordina's warehouse
  • Mahama appointees fuel stations
  • Inflated cost of projects and other items etc.

These are the questions Ghanaians are asking the NPP. End the grovelling and join your party seek for answers.

That the K 420 was charged to favour John Mahama's comeback. That is not just childish, but senseless. Did NEC ask aspirants to furnish them with their bank accounts? How would they know the financial strength of the various aspirants. And those preaching that outmoded sermons, how do they expect the party to finance its activities. Mahama has not written officially or announced he supports the fee being charged. He cannot challenge the decision by NEC and it is the supporters who have taken over the filing fee issue. The party has not imposed restrictions on those, who want to use the same avenue to gather funds for the filing fee.

Andrews Krow
Andrews Krow, © 2018

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