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15.11.2005 General News

Ghanaian pastor to produce aircraft

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A Ghanaian industrialist and leader of the Christ Reformed Church, Apostle Kwadwo Safo, has affirmed that he is ready to launch a technological revolution in Ghana next year.

The 54-year-old Man of God, who leads a 20,000 strong congregation nationwide and has vast stretches of farmland and industrial concerns,told the Daily Graphic that from next year he would begin the commercial production of a number of machines which he had already produced, tested and stockpiled.

He demonstrated to the Daily Graphic team the workings of a vast collection of industrial hardware, including a multi-purpose hydraulic block-moulding machine with the capacity to make 18 concrete blocks per second and a 54-inch,flat-screen colour television set remotely controlled by human breath.

He also demonstrated the functions of a close-circuit television camera with security gadgets capable of undertaking surveillance within a one-kilometre radius, air conditioners, studio mixers for radio stations and sewing machines which do embroidery.

The most ambitious of Apostle Safo's revelations is a six-cylinder engine aeroplane which he hopes to develop into a 200-capacity aircraft in the long term.

All these inventions are produced under the trademark, Kantanka, the appellation of his name,Safo.

The engine of the aircraft had just been completed and he said that “now that the engine has been completed,all that is left for us is to start thinking about flying it in the coming years.”

An avowed Christian from childhood, Kwadwo Safo trained as an electric welder with no formal education.At 29,he founded the Kristo Asafo Mission,which experienced rapid expansion in the 1980s.It now has branches in almost all corners of Ghana.

Each of the 130 branches of the church nationwide,he claimed,had a farm attachment with production levels so high that each year the church produces tonnes of grains, vegetables,tubers and livestock to donate to needy institutions.

He also presides over a multi-million cedis charity which doles out large amounts of cash to orphanages and homes for the poor.

Apostle Safo said he did not benefit from any Western-style education to help him in his inventions,but his Ghanaian and naturally-acquired ingenuity pushed him to invent the machines and equipment which he had been exhibiting for some time now.

In the same vein,everything about his plush Taifa residence,a five-storey mansion with some breathtaking landscape and interior decoration,was his own the creation.

Apostle Safo,however,said many of the machinery and equipment he manufactured were manufactured after a careful study of imported ones,but with his scanty education,he had to use vernacular and not English “ because the English language has been used to indoctrinate the African.”

“The Western system of education only teaches us the white man's language,not how he does things with his hands and brains,”is one of his favourite public pronouncements.

“Sometimes I buy an equipment and dismantle it and then reassemble it.Based on the models imported,we are able to build better ones right here in Ghana,using local raw materials,”he stressed.

Using the multi-purpose hydraulic block moulding machine, with the capacity to make 18 concrete blocks per second, as an example,Apostle Safo said the inventions were meant to reduce the stress and tedium Ghanaians faced in their daily activities.

He said the machine would be used to construct blocks of flats on a 110-hectare land he had acquired at Gomoa-Mpota to house the less fortunate in the society.

He said the block-making machine could also serve as an avenue for the training of unemployed youth.Apostle Safo said he was currently constructing a 30-storey house at Gomoa Mpota which was expected to have 300 rooms to house his proposed factory.

He said if that feat was achieved,it would disprove the notion that only the white man was capable of doing great things.

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