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Dec 1, 2018 | NDC News

NDC Ayawaso East Parliamentary Race: Mc Naaza Feels Threatened By Dr. Azindoo's Presence

Hon. Mahama Toure, The Incumbent MP
Hon. Mahama Toure, The Incumbent MP

Even though the opposition NDC is yet to open nominations for parliamentary aspirants, all indications point to the fact that the parliamentary primaries in the Ayawaso East Constituency, would be keenly contested.

An independent observation conducted by this reporter shows that the sitting MP, hon. Nasser Mahama Toure' has to up his game in order to get the delegates nod in the next primaries.

Speaking to leading NDC members within the constituency, most of them were of the view that it will be difficult for the sitting MP to win the primaries.

Most of them who spoke on conditions of anonymity indicated that the contest would be between the MP and Dr. Yakubu Mohammed Azindo , a Ghanaian political scientist based in the USA.

According to them hon. Nasser Mahama Toure, popularly called Mc Naaza feels threatened by the presence of the young political scientist who is more formidable and a right candidate.

Among those whom this reporter spoke to were constituency executives and party delegates who have pointed to the fact that the current ground is not fertile for hon. Mc Naaza to thrive.

As a result, the MP has therefore resorted to the use of dubious means to cling to power as the party's parliamentary candidate for election 2020.

A source closed to the constituency disclosed that among the plans being deployed by the MP is to lobby constituency executives to discourage all aspirants from contesting in the forthcoming primaries .

He wants to go unopposed with the promise that it will be his last term to contest and represent the people of Ayawaso East in the legislature but we are not ready to accept his plea, the source said.

The source noted that hon. Mc Naaza has promised to give the executive body huge amount of money if they succeed in pushing away potential parliamentary contestants thereby ensuring that he goes unopposed.

He recently summoned the council of Zongo Chiefs in the constituency to ascertain why they clamour for Dr. Mohammed Yakubu Azindo instead of himself.

He summoned the meeting simply because a leading Zongo Chief heaped songs of praises on Dr. Azindo during a funeral ceremony and asked that all should support him (Dr. Azindoo) to realise the dream of been the parliamentary candidate for the NDC for the 2020 parliamentary elections.

This reporter understands that the MP threatened at the meeting to withdraw the financial and material support he offers to the chiefs should they throw their weight behind his opponent.

Hon Mc Naaza, is becoming unpopular in the constituency due to his poor leadership which the people said is not helping the course of the NDC as a party.

The MP according to our source lacks good and effective interpersonal relationship with the electorates within the constituency which is also making him unpopular not only to the umbrella party followers but to the entire constituents .

This was clearly visible during the last general elections when the then opposition NPP 's candidate Mr. Peter Mireku was able to win more votes and closed the gap by more than 7,000 votes in an NDC strong hold such as Ayawaso East.

The NDC needs someone with the requisite political skills and good leadership style to spearhead and advocate for good policies to ensure rapid development for not only the party but the constituency at large.

The source claimed that Dr. Azindo has what it takes to represent the constituency in parliament on the ticket of the NDC.

''We need a proactive representative to champion our course in the legislative arm of government and Dr. Azindo would be up to the task if given the chance'', the source claimed.

several attempts by this reporter to get members of both camps to speak on the matter proved futile as at the time of going to press.

The run up to the primaries in the constituency would be interesting as all intended aspirants have started canvassing for votes secretly from the party delegates.

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